Oops a daisy

July 21, 2021

Picture of the day

“Just when I thought I’m never gonna win, I picked myself up and started over again. Oops a daisy, oops a daisy, drive me crazy, oops a daisy”catfish kings

I found this song when looking for music for my story on Facebook. I think it’s kinda funny…anyway, I couldn’t find a stand alone video for it, so if you click on the link click on the video for oops a daisy. There is one part that goes something like “found a girl that liked rock and roll, but she knew nothing ’bout birth control”. It’s a jitterbug type song, and now I’m gonna have the song stuck in my head all day. But that’s okay! Could be a worse song, like the song that never ends! LOL

Hope you have a great day!

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I like that old time rock n roll, that kind of music just soothes my soul


I’m not antisocial, I’m anti-stupid


Do the universe a favor. Don’t hide your magic.

Take care

Stay safe

Much love

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