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July 26, 2021

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As of the time writing this, I haven’t heard back from the doctor…yet! I’m taking that as a good thing…on Friday morning I had bloodwork done to check my cholesterol. It’s now Monday. They could be busy and all, being that it is Monday. I just figure if my cholesterol was still high, they would’ve already been in touch with me…come tomorrow if I haven’t heard anything I will call!

I hope this makes sense…

I don’t know why, but every time I have any kind of procedure done, it always takes at least 24 hours for me to recover. It doesn’t seem to matter if I have blood drawn, minor or major surgery. Of course, the more major the surgery, the longer recovery time. And the older we get the longer it takes. Just a fact of life…right?

A cicada shell

Back in 1993, when my mom was at NIH trying to survive aplastic anemia, I had my platelets tested to see if they were a match with her. I was 15 and half…donated my blood/platelets, drank some orange juice, then went with dad to visit my mom in ICU. I was standing there, near the head of the bed, talking to her and felt like I was going to pass out. Mom noticed that I wasn’t looking too good and said something to my dad, who was standing at the foot of the bed. He was around the bed in a flash and caught me before I collapsed to the floor. They got me into a recliner and wheeled me out to the waiting room. They didn’t have enough room for both of us…as I was being wheeled out, the pastor of our church and his wife came walking down the hall.

“When we left Frederick this morning, we didn’t think we’d be visiting two Morris’, they joked.

It was partially my fault that I passed out, because I didn’t eat anything that morning. There was nothing in my stomach besides a Carnation Instant Breakfast. The doctor’s and nurses kind of got on my case about not eating anything, but when I left the lab, I felt fine. It didn’t hit me until several minutes later.
I wasn’t a match for my mom, but my aunt was – her sister – and donated to my mom.

Remember this from earlier…? they seem to be very happy Spider Plants!

Years ago, in 1995, when I was going through chemo, I had low iron. Basically, I was anemic…and they said at the time, I probably would be for the rest of my life. The last bloodwork though, showed everything normal besides my cholesterol. So, not sure…when I was going through the ovarian cancer/chemo treatments I didn’t have problems with my blood. At least I don’t remember…I do remember being allergic to one (or more) of the chemo drugs and had to be given Benadryl intravenously. Which knocked me out! Once the Benadryl kicked in, I was done! They were able to wake me up enough to walk out to the car under my own power, and I was able to walk in the house and either to the couch, or bed.
The operation was to remove my left ovary and any cancer I may have had…for the most part they caught it, as it was contained inside my ovary. When they removed the ovary, it may have leaked, so they removed part of one of my intestines and the flap or something on the stomach that filters the fluids in the stomach cavity. Not sure what it’s called…whatever it was, wasn’t something needed to function.

The only other thing I remember with my cancer surgery, that I’m going to share right now was the pain. They cut me from above my belly button to my pelvic bone…I was told later that for a time after the surgery I had drains/tubes coming from everywhere. Of course, I had a catheter and I was incubated (tube down the throat), but I also had a drain in my incision and they had inserted a port in my chest. The drain in my incision was to help drain any infection that might pop up, the port was for my chemo treatments. My veins were too weak to be poked every day for five days (one week on/two weeks off for about five months). I was done with chemo by Christmas. I was also on a morphine drip, and every time I moved, I was pressing the button. Mostly it was a comfort thing, a trick of the mind, so to speak.
The cancer I had was/is call Yoksak Ovarian cancer, if you want to look it up, but I’m not getting into it right now…

Back in 2015, I had my right ovary removed. I had severe abdominal pain…I did have a “small” cyst that my OBGYN didn’t seem too concerned about. I had had some heavy bleeding before this. I won’t go into details, but I would bleed for 18 days, then nothing for a week or two, then start all over again. This was a year before…I had a procedure done to thin the uterine wall, even though the doc said it was thin. Then the pain started…I tried everything! Baths, pain medicine, resting, crying…after three days I had my dad call an ambulance. He was legally blind and I was the only driver in the house. They took my blood pressure – it was 180/110 or something. They weren’t too worried, saying it was from the pain…
They got me in the ambulance and took me to the hospital…
Couldn’t really find anything wrong…a cancer doctor even came and talked to me, saying he didn’t think it was cancer, but was willing to take me as a patient if needed. They got me an appointment to see a doctor at Sinai Hospital in Baltimore MD. She didn’t think it was cancer either, but wanted to open me up…obviously something was wrong.

They said it was unusual for the type of cancer I had to come back after twenty years. It was almost twenty years to the day later I was operated on again. Again, opened up from belly button to pelvic bone. What did they find? Endometriosis! So, they removed my right ovary and scar tissue from previous operations (I had had another semi-outpatient procedure done in 2005 or 2006 to remove a precancerous cyst).

Everything was going good for about thirty hours, then my blood levels started crashing. They started giving me transfusions…I had three in a matter of 12 hours, give or take. When they came in to give me the fourth, I declined it. Telling them they needed to give my body time to recover. I knew in my soul that they could just keep giving me more blood, and more blood, and eventually open me back up to check for internal bleeding – and find nothing wrong. I needed time… After a couple hours, my blood levels started coming up on their own.
The problem was…I told them before the operation I didn’t want blood thinner, noting that I was anemic, but they gave it to me anyway. When they had sedated me and started to wheel me to the operating room, I felt the prick of the needle going into my stomach. Doctor knows best, right?

Whenever I have colonoscopies done, I lounge around the house doing basically nothing. I have had 3 since 2013. They just completely wipe me out an I am pretty uncomfortable the rest of the day. Nothing to worry about, I just don’t feel like doing anything the rest of the day. I, personally, don’t get how anyone can go out to breakfast or lunch afterwards and deal with the public. All I want to do is get home, drink some oj and/or coffee and get back in bed.

The last time I had bloodwork done, a little over three months ago, I don’t remember being overly . . . blah. I’m pretty sure I took it relatively easy though. At least for the day…on Friday, even though they only took one vile – testing for lipids/cholesterol – it did me in. Not that I couldn’t do anything, I just didn’t want to exert any energy. I got in the pool off and on and took two naps. And I ate, and sipped on orange juice throughout the day. By dinner time, I was feeling like my normal self…and I slept like a baby!
Part of it, right now is the heat and humidity, I know.

“We won’t have a cure for diseases until we first have a cure for greed.”

~ Dr. Sachin Patel


I really don’t want to go on any long term medication. Not that I won’t, but there are ways to take care of yourself without harmful chemicals. There are times when medication is needed (I am currently taking allergy meds twice a day, allergy nasal spray once or twice a day, and Tylenol when needed for pain.), but I think we should do what we can when we can before adding harmful chemicals.
So what have I done to lower my cholesterol? I adjusted my diet and started walking more. I no longer sit at the computer for hours a day, without getting up and walking around. I had forgotten about this, but Cinnamon, helps lower cholesterol! Not only that, it helps regulate diabetes, blood sugar regulation, helps improve brain function, and is high in antioxidants. There is a study out there that says cinnamon can help lower blood pressure. I’ve also started eating more fish (salmon, tuna and catfish), more greens and veggies and cut back on the dairy products. As hard as that is for me! Love my whole milk! And cheese! And ranch!

So when I say I’m not feeling well, or up to par, or blah – there’s really nothing to worry about. Unless I say there is…just that I’m not up for much of anything.

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The six best doctors:
sunshine, water, rest, air, exercise, and diet.

~ Wayne Fields


Here’s 2 bonus’ for you before I go: you can make homemade Ranch!
– Ranch Dip: mix Ranch seasoning in Sour Cream
– Ranch Salad Dressing: mix Ranch seasoning in a mixture of milk, mayonnaise, and sour cream OR just add milk to a portion of the dip you’ve already mixed. There are many different varieties and recipes out there, but this is my favorite.

Homemade Honey Mustard Dressing:
– mix mustard and honey to your liking!! Easy!!
I loved the Honey Mustard they used at The Ground Round where I used to work, but have yet to find a store bought Honey Mustard that I liked, so I started making my own. No cholesterol in mustard or honey! I’ve started dipping my fries in my homemade honey mustard rather than the Ranch dip.

Hope you have a great day!
Thanks for stopping by!!

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The key to eating healthy?
Avoid any food that has a TV commercial.


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The elimination diet:

Remove anger, regret, worry, resentment, guilt, and blame. Then watch how your health and life improve.

~ Charles F. Glassman


take care
stay safe
much love

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