Where the wild things grow . . .

July 27, 2021

Picture of the Day

“You’re a drive real slow, down a no lane road
To a house on a hill where the wild things grow
You’re wake up in pajamas, not a trace of makeup on ya”

Take Back Home Girl – Chris Lane –

I don’t really like country rap, but when I was searching for a song to use in my story on Facebook, I came across this song. I think it works for this photo…

You were born to dance to the beat of your own heart. To roam without cages, with the innocence of a child and the free spirit of untamed horses. I hope you laugh without stopping, live with abandon, and love like that’s all there is. Stay wild, my wild, wild, child.

Sorry I’m so late this morning…I did a major sleep in this morning, not waking up til 8am. It’s going to be another scorcher today! So I had to close up the house…it’s currently 83 degrees inside/87 outside. It feels like the ac is on! Which is a good thing. I also got an oscillating fan going again this morning. It stopped working yesterday, so I just unplugged it, telling myself I’ll oil it up in the morning. Which I did do. Eventually I’ll have to replace it…but for now, yay!!

Hope you have a great day!

Thanks for stopping by!!


“Finding your passion isn’t just about careers and money. It’s about finding your authentic self. The one you’ve buried beneath other people’s needs. “ TheMindsJournal- Kristen Hannah


my friend told me she wouldn’t eat beef tongue because it came out of a cows mouth…so I gave her an egg


Don’t let anyone steal your joy today – inspire my heart, by Denise Page

Take care

Stay safe

Much love

12 Comments on “Where the wild things grow . . .

  1. You’re allowed to be lazy sometimes.

    Modern country is a discussion I wanna bring up sometimes but I find better things to rant about.

    • There’s some modern country that’s ok, but prefer classic.

      I wasn’t really being lazy, just trying to get some things done before it got too hot.

      • I’m just not a fan…

        I understand. But I have to pick on ya. You can opt out if you want.

        Random, but I met someone yesterday who reminded me of you. She seemed Hollyish. Intelligent, straightforward and didn’t seem interested in my sense of humor.

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