No puddles…yet!

July 29, 2021

I just wanted to share with you, real quick, how the trench I dug at the bottom of the deck steps seems to be working so far…

needs to be power washed…but there is brick under there

We just had a down pour! It actually started raining right before I was getting ready to get in the pool…so, I took my clothes off, left them on the porch and wrapped a towel around me and got in the pool. Yes, I skinny dip in the middle of the day…I can, no one will see me! As I told my dad years ago…”Who am I going to offend, the deer?” When I said that, I was making a statement about my work attire…sports bra and shorts, working on the property clearing downed trees. But, it applies here too…

Below is a video I took during the downpour…

Yay! No puddles!!

As you can see, the trench I dug a week or so ago seems to be working! YAY!!
Still waiting for a real heavy downpour, but at least for now I know it’s working. Eventually, I will do more work on it…

I started working on this back in 2015, and yes, I did it myself…with tips from my dad. The last two photos are the most recent…I need to work on two of the bricks, but at least it’s working! Can’t really see it all, but eventually I will take more photos. I’ll do a separate post just on the work I’ve done. I’m sure, somewhere, I’ve got some photos from before I started working on this…

another mystery…
something drained all the water out the other night
you can kinda see the marks where something was scratching…
probably something (raccoon?) was curious what was at the bottom
and accidentally pulled the plug
“Where’d my water go?!?”
ever since, it’s been fine…

Still haven’t figured out what has been eating the birdfood at night…

Slow progress is progress…no matter how long it takes!

We are under tornado and thunderstorm threats until 11 tonight…
I’ve also got a video of a (temporary) river running through the property, uploaded to YouTube. Soon, I’ll put it in the sidebar. I keep forgetting to mention it, but I did recently upload a new video – Snail takes a ride. It’s available on youtube, here and twitter.

hope you have a great day!
thanks for stopping by!!

be proud of your progress


When you feel like giving in,
Remember what’s important.
When you feel like giving up,
Remember why you started.


take care
stay safe
much love

22 Comments on “No puddles…yet!

      • I actually put a bowl of ice in front of the box fan the other day, the temperature inside did seem to drop by a degree or two

      • I appreciate the ac, when I can get it, when I go shopping, which doesn’t happen very often. I’d rather get in the pool honestly.
        On the really hot days, if I close up the house early enough, it feels like the ac is on. Of course, I’ve got every ceiling fan, box fan and oscillating fan going I have.

      • If it’s cold enough to wear flannel, I’m happy.

        If it’s cold enough for me to fire up my little wood stove, I’m happy.

        If it’s cold enough to hunt and trap, I’m happy.

        I can’t tan so I have no used for summer lol!

      • but…there is beauty in them all!!
        I just don’t like sweating when there’s no reason for it.

      • Ever since my operation in 2015, I’ve been dealing with hot flashes…hence the pool, even though I’ve had a pool of sorts since my son was a toddler. But, if we didn’t have summer there would be no midnight swims, or cooling off in the creek. No winter…no hunting or snowmen. No spring, no flowers. No fall, no beautiful foliage. There is beauty everywhere, sometimes we just need to look for it.

      • Ok… you’ve got me. Lol!!

        I love fall. Though fall isn’t what it was when I was younger, it’s the beginning of most all my favorite things. Summer usually means the end lol.

  1. Ok.. back to the original point of your post. (Because I go way out on other things 🤦‍♂️)

    It looks like your hard work is paying off! And you’re allowed to be tired and even lazy in the morning.

    • I try to get what I can done in the morning b4 it gets too hot. It’s supposed to be nice (cooler and lower humidity) the next few days so we’ll see what happens.

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