Masterful Meanderings Made Meaningful

July 28, 2021

Just For Fun
M Words

These are written in English, so if they don’t make sense in your language, I’m sorry. This is really a nonsense post anyway… Hope you enjoy!

morning (glory) meets mahogany magnificence

~ might meet monkeys making monstrous milkshakes

~ milkshakes make my mind mellow

~ mellow music magically masters my mind

~ mind merely mentions model moods

~ moon makes metaphorical midnight ~

~ midnight mistakes mythical meteors

~ meteors migrate moving many mountains

~ mountains maintain modified monuments

~ monuments malfunction merging multiple manifestations
~ manifestations mistakenly multiply melodramatic markets
mushrooms manage mysterious motions

~ markets moderate makeshift meals

~ meals mount modest mistrust

~ mistrust massacres makeshift messengers

~ messengers minimalize misfortunate mirrors

~ mirrors mask moody monologues

If you fall,
I’ll be there
The Floor

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(n) the journey of changing one’s mind,
heart, self, or way of life

pronunciation| (meh-tah-NOY-ah)



unrelenting and deadly; involving loss of divine
grace or spiritual death


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(n) a halo round the moon which
presages an approaching storm

take care
stay safe
much love

BONUS: masked mouths muffle mainstream minds

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