the first and the last, the biggest and the smallest

August 2, 2021

Fishing on the Potomac River

I was up at quarter after 4 this morning, on the river by six…

I’m tired and achy, but it was worth it!
I don’t know why people can’t take their trash with them when they leave…it’s disgusting! and rude, to trash the environment like that.
My boyfriend says it’s illegals… could be the illegals leaving trash. Most through hikers wouldn’t leave trash like this. They care too much!
One of the first times we went fishing last year, we walked down that path…we weren’t too happy with what we saw. First off, there were campers there which is really no big deal (through hikers – people hiking through, for multiple days – need to sleep too!), but they had trash and stuff strewn all over the place. The trash is what is really bothersome…why people have so little disregard for the environment and other people is beyond me…

I wish I could make this smaller, it would look better!

Not the best image, I know…but it will have to do. As we were walking down the C and O Canal towards the old boat ramp we like to fish at, I noticed this tree. I have no idea what it is, but I wanted to share. I’d never noticed it before…

When I posted this morning, I caught my first fish as I was getting ready to publish…so I had to go, which is why it wasn’t my normal post. Almost as soon as the line had been cast, the pole bent over. It was like that all morning. We fished for about three and a half hours, catching ten fish! I caught the first and the last, the biggest and the smallest…my boyfriend caught everything in between. And he barely sat down the whole time…

I have no idea what all the flowers are, but they’re pretty! I’d like to bring some seeds home and see what happens. I did bring two home…a thistle and a sunflower type…even though they say not to do that. (Hey, it’s thistle and sunflower…which I already have growing on the property, for one, and they’re common wildflowers. These other ones, I’m not so sure of but they would look cool in my garden.) I have a feeling they are more of a wetland flower.

The water is really low at the moment…and these plants were all under water last year. Or mostly underwater.

I was looking for an image from last year of the same spot, to do an image compare…but I must’ve taken those images with my CANON, not my cell phone. And all my CANON photos are on my old laptop. When I get on that laptop, I will dig a few up, so we can do a comparison. But, I guess for now, it’s all about today.

Thank goodness for the cart someone gave me! It saved us a lot of trouble getting everything back. The cart is meant for stairs, but it’s rugged enough to take fishing. On the way to the river, we had everything piled on there, except the fishing poles. Camp chairs, back pack, tackle box…and the fish nearly filled the cooler! We may have been able to fit one or two smaller ones in there, but it would’ve been tight!

I fish, knowing every moment on the river is a gift

Map of the C and O Canal
I believe you can click on the image to make it bigger

On the map, we are in the area of Lock 31, east of Harper’s Ferry

hope you have a great day!
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Where’s the fish

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The soul has been given it’s own ears to hear
things the mind does not understand.

~ Rumi

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Education is important
Fishing is more importanter

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stay safe
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