I will live, and be comfortable with my choices

August 4, 2021

my thoughts for today

*this post is my thoughts on Covid-19, and the vaccines, and living my life…

Them: “You won’t be able to attend a concert or sporting events.”
Me: “I don’t mind.”

Them: “You can’t go to a large shopping mall.”
Me: “I’ll survive.”

Them: “You can’t drink at the bar.”
Me: “I no longer drink.”

Them: “You can’t enter night clubs.”
Me: “I have no interest in doing so.”

Them: “We’ll tell your employer.”
Me: “I’m self-employed.”

Them: Your employer won’t let you work.”
Me: “I’ll find one that will.”

Them: “You can’t be in the city.”
Me: “I prefer being out in nature.”

Them: “You can’t go to McDonald’s or Burger King.”
Me: “I haven’t in years anyway.”

Them: “You can’t eat in restaurants.”
Me: “I’ll order takeout.”

Them: “You can’t shop at large grocery stores.”
Me: “I’ll grow my own food and buy from local farmers.”

Them: “You can’t be part of mainstream society.”
Me: “I already checked out.”

Them: “Your kids can’t go to school.”
Me: “I’ll homeschool.”

Them: “You’ll be on your own.”
Me: “I’m surrounded by family and friends and all the people reaching the same conclusion all over the world.”

Them: “You can’t choose for yourself.”
Me: “I just did.”

Them: “What can we tempt you with?”
Me: “Nothing.”

When they have nothing you want, they have no power.
And that’s when power comes to the people.

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*copied off of Facebook…I feel like my whole life has been preparing me for this. From the cancer, to raising my son as a single parent (not a single mom), to staying home and learning to do things around the house, property. I could’ve moved out any time, but at the same time I couldn’t…even though I was living with my parents – we were a three generation family – I wasn’t mooching off them. I still had to contribute, so did my son. My sister’s then boyfriend told me once I should be out living my life, “be happy”…what he didn’t know was, I was happy. I am happy! Yeah, I was taking care of my parents, first my mom, then my dad…but I wouldn’t have had it any other way! I have learned so much, much more than if I had moved far, far away.
I’m ok with no movie theaters, no restaurants, no sporting events…I haven’t done any of that in years anyway! This, this is my life. There was a time, when I would’ve said “no way!” At this point, who knows what will really happen…they are threatening to bring mask mandates back. The vaccinated people are being told to wear masks, even though they aren’t required…at the moment. Thinking about this…why would I get vaccinated, if I had to wear a mask when I go out in public? I’m unvaccinated…don’t wear a mask when I go out in public(which is rare), I mostly don’t feel uncomfortable around other people…talk of a third booster shot is going around… I’m not scared! Just the opposite…I’m prepared. Prepared for whatever, for the most part! I refuse to live in fear…

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It’s ok
to live a life
others do not


My whole life has been different, not what I expected it to be…I haven’t lived the life others thought I should live. That’s part of what makes me, me! Because my life has been different, I’ve learned to do things my own way. Even my boyfriend knows that now.

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Sometimes you have to stop thinking
and go where your heart takes you.

hope you have a great day!
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14 Comments on “I will live, and be comfortable with my choices

  1. People are livid about mask mandates while the country increasingly mandates the right over your own body.

    Masks are small potatoes now.

      • People buy into it, instead of their God given senses! Some counties in MD are talking about bringing mask mandate back, I don’t think Frederick is one…yet. NYC just mandated anyone who wants to eat in a restaurant has to prove vaccination status. Flu season is just around the corner, so it makes sense. I mean, the old flu season…

      • The last I heard, the Biden administration came a month late in its goal of vaccinating 70% of the country.

        Now… we have a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.” How? 70% of the country has had at least 1 shot. This is where the myth, “herd immunity” kicks in. Because according to my math, there’s a 30% minority out there who is unvaccinated. So, a 70% majority is now immune to the alleged virus.

        We’re being treated like nobody is getting jabbed. And they’re already talking about the lambda variant 😂

      • Supposedly…it’s all a game, imho
        All about control and fear, and we’re not supposed to think for ourselves! They’re telling me, I need to get vaccinated to protect the vaccinated. But if I get vaccinated, I could still get sick and possibly even die. Once I get vaccinated, I still have to where a mask in crowded settings. But as an unvaccinated person, I don’t have to wear a mask (right now it’s a choice whether or not to wear a mask, but the vaccinated are being told they should wear a mask)
        I’ve heard, children who are eligible for the vaccine have a better chance of being struck by lightning than contracting Covid.
        Tell me how any of this makes sense?!?

      • How anyone can listen to that Neolithic rambling and say it was a powerful speech is beyond me. But it’s a testament to how far this country has fallen.

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