free speech is more important than your feelings

August 11, 2021

*sensitive content*

my thoughts for today

Someone on facebook shared this with me, just thought I’d share my thoughts here…

“One day I’m gonna go crazy and will mow down the unvaccinated with my newly acquired firearm. I want them all dead – with a bullet hole between the eyes!”

They are training people to hate the unvaccinated.
Sick and Evil


I’m not sure if this was originally shared on Twitter or Facebook – I’m thinking Twitter – but it pisses me off to no end! A conservative saying something like this would be kicked off the platform, no matter if it was Facebook or Twitter. But I’m sure nothing has happened to her…this is hate speech! It’s a threat! If I were to say something similar, I’d be gone – if I didn’t have the police knocking on my door within 24 to 48 hours!

The double standards keeps me on a low profile on twitter! I share my blog and photos I’ve uploaded and I’m gone. Which doesn’t seem right! The left has open an forum to say whatever they want, but someone on the right has to really watch their words. Although I’m personally careful, because of my photography, on twitter, I should be able to voice my opinion without fear of being “punished”. On Facebook, it’s a whole different story. I’m currently in a timeout on Facebook for sharing “false information”. I think I’ve shared this before…I can’t go live, watch anything live or advertise until August 28. Every morning I wake up, I open Facebook with the “dread” of seeing the notice that I’m in jail!

One thing that saves me on Facebook, is I do have Holly’s World, if something were to happen. The same thing with Twitter, my blog is shared there, but it’s up to my followers or potential followers as to whether or not they want to open that particular post.

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it’s the new hate speech
“During times of universal deceit
telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”

~ George Orwell

Ok…rant over!

What I really wanted to share today was my schedule, or the schedule I’m trying to keep.

everyday: picture of the day
– this will happen guaranteed! Well, almost guaranteed…there will be days I just don’t have any energy, or umpf, or whatever…but it won’t happen all that often! mostly inspirational, but could be humorous, or thought provoking, or artistic, or cringeworthy, or…whatever!
my thoughts for today: once a week or twice a week (maybe more, depending on what’s rattled me or whatever)
– this could be almost anything! and more than likely on Wednesday, but it could be any day
picture of the week: Friday
– this will be a photo I recently uploaded to Picfair or Pinterest; with it I will also share the photos details (date taken, where available, camera used, ISO, exposure time, etc)
*new: Off The Wall (probably on Wednesdays, we’ll see)
– just some silly stuff/nonsense

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Line ’em up…
It’s National
“Slap An Idiot Day”
It’s going to be an extremely busy day!


Not you, no one reading this deserves to be slapped! The other person, over there…maybe, but not you!!

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tis Wednesday
fellow chaps

(until tomorrow, then it will no longer be Wednesday!)


I’ve almost always got something I could share, but I try not to go overboard. Sometimes, my posts really depend on what I have going on that day. And I try to go for at least two decent walks, if nothing else, around the property. Which is why I try and limit my posts to only two, two or three days a week. I need to think about my health as well…

Which real quick, I talked to my doctor yesterday…my “bad” cholesterol is actually worse than it was before! She wants me on a low carb/low fat diet, and is sending me info on foods to eat and what not. I don’t really get it…but I’m going back to the way I used to eat, before my boyfriend came in to the picture. I’ll go into more detail later, but now I think I will go, as this has gotten quite lengthy!

So, to recap…the double standards on facebook and twitter urk me…there will be at least one post from me every day, sometimes two, sometimes three. You probably won’t really know for sure what will be written down, but you can be sure it’s something that I feel passionate about, something that comes from the heart.

“You need power, only when you want to do something harmful, otherwise love is enough to get everything done.”

~ Charlie Chaplin


hope you have a great day!
thanks for stopping by!!

Art Goblin

This user is NOT fifty seven frogs in a trench coat
And they don’t know why anyone would think that.
(So please stop asking.)

take care
stay safe
much love

24 Comments on “free speech is more important than your feelings

  1. Isn’t it so true that if what is being said is approved, then nothing is done, but just say one word that is outside their narrative and you are cut off.
    Facebook is part of this, as is YouTube and Twitter.
    I noticed that many you tubers are using code words instead of the real words so they can say what they think and exercise their free speech.
    It has come down to this! No free speech at all

    • I think I may have used a little code here like vax or vaxxine instead of vaccine. People have really gotten creative, even spelling words backwards.

      The thing that gets me, something like “I want to put a bullet in unvaxxed peoples heads” which is a threat as clear as day, is okay, but saying “President Trump is the best President ever!” is considered hate speech and will get you banned. It’s a clear double standard…

  2. I’m not social enough for social media. I’m barely doing well on the blog. But this is just one reason I refuse Facebook.

    People hate Tiktok. Because they were told to. Tiktok is no different from Facebook, Twitter or instagram. They’re completely all the same. All the same so they can promote the same agenda.

    • I’ve actually been seeing right leaning videos on TiktTok, that friends have shared to Facebook.

      The social media platforms do have an agenda…but I think there’s enough people starting to stand up to the elitists, people aren’t backing down. People, including me, are taking the chance when they can.

      • I guess they’re there. Guys I work with watch stupid stuff and stuff that questions the Bible.

        I’m hoping so. I feel like I live in a land of play-do.

      • I have friends that post stupid stuff on Facebook…drunk guys doing stupid stuff and what not. Some of it is funny…most of the stuff I post on Facebook is similar to the memes I share here. Other than that, it’s family sharing family stuff.

      • I was pleased to see Eric Clapton join us. Having barely survived his shot he no longer supports the vaccine. Drawing ire and insults like “fruitcake” from musicians like Brian May…..

      • It’s ridiculous! My boyfriend just told me about a video he saw of people yelling at supposedly unvaccinated and threatening them.

      • 2nd amendment.. be peaceful as much as you can. To the best of your ability. But we have to protect ourselves.

      • When it comes to my family, you bet!
        With the things going on, and how quickly everything is happening, a revolt is right down the road. How exactly that happens, or when, I don’t know…but rebellion is inevitable. With the mask mandate coming back, the vaccine push, this new “infrastructure” bill – and so much more- the fuse has been lit. It’s really just a matter of time, in my opinion.
        Being peaceful for sure, but doing it that way only goes so far.

  3. This is the first I am hearing about this.
    World is learning ways to hate each other and it’s terribly ill. 🙁🙁

    And about your posts, it’s funny this time. The quotes you are sharing is inspirational and yet funny sometimes!! 😄😄😄 Keep up the great work Holly. 👏👏 Have the rest of week wonderful.❣️❣️

  4. Well I don’t even know what to say. So wrong. I know who I will trust in, and it sure isn’t any government or leadership!

  5. I remember saying, in one area, to others. I don’t care about your feelings. I care about you, which means getting your lives into gear so you’ll provide for yourselves and family.

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