Who’s that lady?

August 11, 2021

Picture of the Day

Me, 1996

Don’t be expecting too many photos of me…this is truly a rarity! Believe it or not, I’m still working on getting photos off my phone – and this is one such photo, as is yesterday’s photo. Once or twice a week I transfer as many photos as possible to my laptop. At the moment, I’m in the year 2017…for whatever reason there are no 2018 photos, don’t know what happened. At the moment, I’m trying NOT to take/make any new photos with my cell phone. A hard challenge for me, but so far it’s working…I haven’t taken any new photos since Saturday! I feel deprived, lol, but it’s only temporary. There are somewhere in the neighborhood of 400 recent photos that need to be shared! That’s not including older photos. Just on my phone… If I share just one photo a day, I wouldn’t have to take a new photo for over a year. And then I wouldn’t be sharing anything new… I might start sharing more often, we’ll see – everything will work out the way it should!

Anyway…a little background on the photo. In the spring of 1996, our church put out a new directory and hired a photographer to take portraits. I made an appointment separate from my parents and sister. I was working and going to college and trying to schedule a time that was convenient for all of us was complicated. So I went alone.

At the time, I had finished up with chemo and my hair was starting to grow back, but I still wasn’t comfortable going without my wig. I walked in at my scheduled time, noticed that the photographer had an interest – but not in a bad way. He snapped a few shots for the directory, then asked me if he could take a few extra, as he pulled the purple background down and adjusted the light. I said sure! I’m glad he did! This photo is one of the best I have from the time – of course, this is a photocopy, the original is framed, on a shelf. I don’t know what he saw, or if he even knew I had just finished up chemo, but he obviously saw something and knew a standard, washed out “church” photo wasn’t enough.

So, that’s the story behind this photo…

“Let July be July, let August be August. And let yourself just be even in the uncertainty. You don’t have to fix everything. You don’t have to solve everything. And you can still find peace and grow in the wild of changing things.” unknown

Hope you have a great day!

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When life knocks you down, roll over and look at the stars


It feels good to be lost in the right direction


Walking barefoot allows to to feel the heartbeat of the earth with every step you take.

Take care

Stay safe

Much love

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  1. Holly, this is quite an adorable portrait of you!
    And as always very beautiful and profound sayings. Thanks for sharing!

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