doing what you can, when you can

August 18, 2021

First, I wanted to say thank you for the support you’ve been showing! I’m overwhelmed! Sometimes, I feel all alone…I know it’s my path, no one can walk it for me! Knowing you’re out there, that I’m really not alone…it’s encouraging! Thank you!!

my thoughts for today

today I wanted to share my food storage
options…with the food shortage scare (?) and inflation
it’s probably a good idea to stock up on what you can
when you can – without going crazy!
No need for panic buying – we don’t need that again!

Just do what you can…

My only real complaint with my house is that it was not built to be lived in! By that, I mean that there is really no storage. It was built in 1986, with minimal closet space, hardly any cabinet or counter space. When we moved out of the old farm house and into this house, my dad brought the kitchen cabinets and counters. The house was torn down and burned, so we took everything we could with us, or sold it. We had an old claw foot tub upstairs that my parents sold, I wish it had come with us.
The cabinets are in the basement…another day I’ll show you, but half are on one wall with dishes, mason jars, and other “extra” kitchen utilities. The other half are on the other wall with tools, paint, and other supplies. Bringing the kitchen cabinets, as silly as it seems, really has been a life saver, even if they’re not being used for what they’re supposed to!

homemade pie safe
made by my great grandfather
used for storage

This is where we keep food stuff, that has been opened or ready to use. Looks kinda bare, but there’s more downstairs!

It’s a start anyway! All the stuff on the top two shelves need to be moved else where, but for now it’s okay… the water is just tap water. It may go stale after a while, but it’s okay to wash dishes or wash your body, or even flush the toilet if need be. I’ve got about 16 gallons of water saved at the moment…they say 1 gallon per person per day…according to that, I’ve got about 5 days worth of water. IF it comes down to it. When we have blizzards or other storms when power could be knocked out (rarely happens here), I will fill up more containers and the bathtub. Bathtub water is to flush the toilet.

I’ve got a box, in the storage area of a tv/microwave cart in the kitchen, that I keep medicine in as well. It’s more of a “go to” type box, where the closet is more of an “extra”. I’ve made a space in the basement, for even more storage for medicine type stuff…

The way I see it, something is better than nothing…right? There will be more, but a little at a time – so as not to drive myself crazy.

The other day, my boyfriend and I went to Home Depot – I needed some L brackets to put up another shelf and was looking at shelving options for the pantry. At Home Depot there wasn’t really any options, nothing I liked anyway. What I’d like is something like we already have, with solid metal shelves instead of wire. But then I got to thinking…

Why can’t I use L brackets and boards…? I use L brackets for bookshelves and shelving, why not the pantry? So, sometime I’ll be going to Lowe’s and seeing what my brain comes up with. I have some bigger L brackets laying around, I might even have some boards I can use!

My life is nothing but a series of undocumented OSHA violations

(I won’t tell anyone, if you don’t)


When it comes down to it, I’d rather be safe than sorry!
Having extra supplies in the house is never a bad thing
in my opinion!
It won’t go bad, or at least it shouldn’t…if you rotate!

Oh, I’ve been doin this for years – trying to convince my boyfriend
on the other hand, is another story… I need to do what I need to do

to protect myself and my son!

hope you have a great day!
thanks for stopping by!!

5 for me

It’s been ‘one of those days’ for like, 3 years now.


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Don’t give up,
the hardest battles
are given to the strongest soldiers

take care
stay safe
much love

5 Comments on “doing what you can, when you can

    • I’d rather store food inside, I think…more secure, especially where I live. We’ll see – we’re planning on building a woodshed here soon and buying a wood splitter. Maybe when I get my chickens, I can turn part of the coop into storage. We’ll see what happens!

  1. You are doing really good at putting in some supplies. Never a bad idea to do that. It’s always good to have shelves. I never have enough, myself. Oh, love that handmade pie safe! 🙂

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