You have no power over me . . .

September 9, 2021

Picture of the Day

Cardinal at the feeder

“The man who anticipated the coming of troubles takes away their power when they arrive.” – Seneca

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The Rights of Lucifer

On the alter of the Devil up is down, pleasure is pain, darkness is light, slavery is freedom, and madness is sanity


I just asked myself if I’m crazy and we said no.


Making an informed decision on our health should never feel like this…

* Biden is putting out a 6 point plan today…don’t know the details but it’s supposed to have something to do with the variants, vaccines, and the unvaccinated won’t like it. Press conference at 5pm eastern time (US)

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~ when God puts something on your heart, that means it’s on His heart too ~

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  1. The Poseur will do anything to take the spotlight off Afghanistan. Get ready.

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