Walk like a politician – a parody

September 15, 2021

WALK LIKE A POLITICIAN ~ by ‘what Ed said’

Parody of the song, “Walk like an Egyptian” by the Bangles. Sing along if you know it.

With help from his daughter Katelyn and wife Melanie

All the leaders in the backroom
They do the same dance don’t you know
With all their tricks (oh, whey, oh)
Most should be in Guantanamo

The blind line up in single file
While they keep playing the great reset
Leftist crocodiles (oh, whey, oh)
They snap their teeth on the internet

Foreign types block our rights say
(Whey, oh, whey, oh, ay, oh, whey, oh)
Walk like a politician

The blind lead the blind today
They spin around and you they ignore
They disapprove (oh, whey, oh)
They drop one lie and then they drop 10 more

All the school kids brainwashed books
Now the right is being banned
When big brother sings (oh, whey, oh)
They walk like a politician

All the kids in the workplace say
(Whey, oh, whey, oh, ay, oh, whey, oh)
Walk like a politician

On our freedom an all out attack
Being led by a bunch of quacks
Truth they change you know (oh, whey, oh)
While they drive their Cadillacs

They wanna defund all the cops
They won’t be hanging out in the donut shops
They sing and dance (oh, whey, oh)
They help the rioters down the block

Do you hear their rhetoric again?
The White House becomes the Kremlin
And the Chinese know (oh, whey, oh)
They walk over our politicians

And all the cops they try to block say
(Whey, oh. Whey, oh, ay, oh, whey, oh)
Walk like a politician
Walk like a politician

*copied and pasted, with permission, from Facebook

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