detox: part 2

September 15, 2021

Not Going As Planned

(all photos taken today with my cell phone)

Just a quick thought this evening, day or night – where ever you are….

For the most part, things are going pretty good. The hardest part is giving up facebook, but I’m getting there. I’ll probably have to do that part longer – maybe through the end of the week.

a view from my deck

My favorite place in the house is my deck…is it “in” the house? Well, it’s part of the house anyway. Sitting and watching the birds and wildlife is very relaxing. The hummingbirds have been fighting over the feeder in the photo. I really need to get another one – I have three at the moment, but it will have to wait til spring. Maybe two…I think we’ve actually got about a dozen hummingbirds visiting, but it’s hard to tell unless they are seen together…and they’re always chasing each other off.

Mr. Groundhog

We’re gonna have to do something about him. He keeps coming closer and closer to the house, and isn’t very leery of us. I don’t think he’s really causing any damage – yet. If he starts to burrow under the deck…he’s going to have to go. Almost every time I walked out onto the deck today, he was out there, and each time a little closer. One time, he was between the mint garden at the bottom of the deck steps, and the new garden/bird feeding station I put in. At least when he’s that close to the house, he does run.

2 moths/3 photos

Is this a swallowtailed moth? Looks too dark to me and the website says UK, but it’s the right shape, I think. Anyway, there was one on the screen door, then one flew up onto the door. The doors going out onto the deck are French doors, meaning only one side opens.

A French door is made up of panes or panels of glass.
Sometimes both sides open, from what I understand – but not all

(duckduckgo search)

They need to be replaced eventually. But, it’s okay for now.

I got a new shelf put up in my “pantry”. I started it yesterday afternoon…cutting down two boards, gluing them together, then strapping them together. Then, this morning I screwed two pieces of wood to the underside, to stabilize them. I had to wait for my son to wake up, to put the L brackets and shelf up. Where I put the shelf is on the other side of his bedroom – on the other side of that wall is his bedroom. I didn’t want to wake him up, with the sound of the power drill and screws biting into the wood.

So, two parts of the detox I’m continuing is no tv and no facebook, just notifications. I need to keep up with that part. It’s not like I really spend a lot of time there, it just seems like it. I’ve got a lot of farm friends there, as well as “conspiracy theorist” friends, a couple family members/friends, school friends, and a few I went to church with a long time ago. So, a lot of like minded “friends” there. I’ve even got a few that have had the vaccine. But we don’t harp on each other, degrade each other, and what not. We may not all agree on the vaccine or other things, but we have other things in common.

I’ll keep you updated on how things are going!

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MERAKI [may~rah~kee]
Meraki is doing something
with total love, and pure soul.
It is leaving a little piece of
yourself in your creative work.

hope you have a great day!
thanks for stopping by!!

Sorry, this is funny!

how true is

Politicians are like sperm. One in a million turn out to be an actual human being.


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Don’t get mad. And don’t get even. Do better. Be better. Rise above. Become so engulfed in your own growth and success that you forget it ever happened.


take care
stay safe
much love

* I so want to get in the pool right now, but it’s raining and there’s lightning (WAH!)

13 Comments on “detox: part 2

  1. Ah, a porch or deck is a great and, I believe, essential part of a home.Over the years some of my homes had one (growing up I did) and some not. When we had the chance to build our present home, having a wide, covered front porch was a must. We enjoy our back deck mostly in the late afternoon. But mornings and evenings it’s almost always the front. It makes a difference in feeling connected to our little neighborhood.

    Who knows, Holly, by the time detox is done so might be your affinity for FB. You wouldn’t be missing much, I’ll bet.

    Really enjoy your pics and stories,


    • Thanks!

      I really want to extend the deck around the side of the house and wrap it around front. But…there’s other things that must come first. Like a wood shed and splitter. After that, we’ll see what happens.

    • I’ve got nearly as many “friends” on fb as I do followers here on wp. Plus, my blog is shared to fb…the same as twitter. I’m trying ever so hard to disconnect, it’s not easy.

    • There is always something to be done around here…I personally wouldn’t watch any tv/movies except for my boyfriend or my son. For the most part it’s just background noise for me. When my boyfriend gets back from the eastern shore, I just might tell him no more tv/movies. Maybe an hour or so at dinnertime, that’s it.

      The tv didn’t even get turned on til 2 or 3pm today or yesterday. Even then, most of the time it’s Pandora (music).

      • Honestly, I watch cartoons all the time lol. I watch them with my youngins. And only select ones.

        I’ve noticed groundhogs around here. I’ve never seen them before until this summer.

      • Huh…they’re coming out of the woodwork, are they? lol
        Probably bc there’s not as people out and about? We’ve always had a groundhog or two lurking about.

        My son and I watch boomerang or science fiction, documentaries. My boyfriend likes the Godfather type movies, which I watch bc he likes them. But he doesn’t like what I like (Snow White and the Huntsman, for example), but that’s going to change. I’ve watched so many movies I didn’t really want to bc he was really into it… there’s gotta be some give, or I’ll stop watching movies altogether with him.

      • She’s funny 😜

        The last movie I watched (and liked) was Napoleon Dynamite. I occasionally liked The IT Crowd but bad language keeps it at bay.

      • I try 😅

        We used to watch American Horror Story, but it turned way too weird, very sexual.

        Most of the stuff we watch now are westerns, historical or thriller. My son’s watching Day of Reckoning as we speak.

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