taking time to heal

September 24, 2021

It’s been a rough week…

…but I made it! We made it!!
I honestly haven’t done much of anything all week. Laying in bed, hobbling out to the deck, to the bathroom, or kitchen…that’s about all. I didn’t even step foot from the house/deck until Thursday. I did take a nice, detox bath on Tuesday, which seemed to help – a little. But mostly just laying in bed with the heating pad.

So, what did I do? The garden – that’s what happened! If I had taken a stool out and done the weeding, or even gotten on my hands and knees – using knee pads, I wouldn’t have had any problems. But I didn’t, and I suffered the consequences. Now, I know better…

I had also been feeling nauseous and lightheaded earlier this week. It started Saturday, when I went to the crab feast/pork roast. I couldn’t finish the food I had on my plate. At first, I chalked it up to just being full, but then my head started to hurt. My boyfriend brought me home after 4 hours – I slept for three hours, sat up with him for a little when he got back home, then went back to bed, and slept for nine hours! 12 hours total!! I never sleep like that…but I guess I needed it. During the day on Sunday, I felt okay, but come dinnertime it came back and didn’t go away until Wednesday.
I have no idea what brought that on…I’m not pregnant (can’t get pregnant), no fever, my blood pressure was okay (120/90something with a pulse of 94, which was a little high but I was also in pain)…I do know there were vaccinated people at the party. I’m not really going in that direction, that being around them caused me to feel what I was feeling, but I know it’s possible that it did have an affect on me. I just don’t know…I’m not one really to make accusations, not like that, not without having more facts. But, vaccinated people are causing nonvaccinated people to become ill. Whether or not you believe it, is up to you. Do I believe it? I believe it happens, not necessarily every case. This is all brand new, we just don’t know the answers, long term or short term affects. Stuff is starting to come out, but not on the main stream media. If being around a few vaccinated people like that (outdoor setting) did have that kind of an affect on me, what would happen in a major setting? Like a concert or airplane ride? I don’t think I want to find out…

So, one day at a time…that’s all any of us can do. Right? I might take the weekend off…we’ll see.

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I’m not antisocial. I have cable, internet, and a dog. What else do I need?


Hope you have a great day!
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Be what you want to be
Not what others want to see

~ Native American


take care
stay safe
much love

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