If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything – Mark Twain

October 11, 2021

my thoughts for today

First off, we got a new toy!

It’s been a long time on the wish list! But finally, on Saturday, it became a reality. We got it at Lowe’s…My boyfriend was worried that they’d either raise the price or we wouldn’t be able to get our hands on one if we waited too long. It’s a Performance Built and is a 27 Ton (pressure) splitter. While we were inside, they changed the price from $1299 to $1499. We were outside looking at them, the price was $1299 – we went inside to pay, they upped the price and we were like, “The price was just $1299”, both the big numbers on the stand and the tag. They honored the $1299 price!

The reason we waited so long to buy it is because I’m still paying for the wood stove, through a Home Equity loan, but I’ve gotten low enough on the loan that I feel comfortable adding to it. In other words, I’ve gotten enough of the wood stove paid for! My boyfriend is giving me half, I pay the other half. Before, my boyfriend split everything by hand…which he can still do, but this way I can split wood as well. I just don’t have the umph to split wood by hand, using an axe or a maul.

Eventually, I plan on getting a kindling splitter…

Kindling Cracker Firewood Kindling Splitter | Northern Tool
kindling splitter
Internet image

They’re around $100…we can use the splitter to split kindling, I just want it. If we need kindling, I can sit on the deck and split the wood when it’s raining or there’s snow on the ground. This, for me, is safer than using a hatchet. I am prone to hurting myself, sometimes. (When I worked at the Ground Round, they wouldn’t let me use the lemon slicer, and when I was about 10 years old I nearly ripped my finger off taking my dog for a walk – another story for another day.)

As for my cold…I think I’ve pretty much gotten over it! The cough is all but nonexistent! I started drinking warm milk and honey on Friday. I didn’t know it til yesterday, but honey helps relieves cough. For the time being, I only drink 1 cup of coffee a day – I was drinking three, which was causing some irritation in my throat/bronchial chords. I had been coughing so much, that my throat got irritated. And throat losengers – honey lemon flavor, suck on them off and on throughout the day! I still need to keep up with the medicines I am taking, just to make sure that it’s totally gone, at least for a few a days.

I know I’m going to have to keep up with my allergy medicine – both the pill and the spray – throughout the winter, just to make sure I don’t sick again. Ever since I got the flu a few years ago, I’ve had to make sure I take allergy medicine to keep things at bay. I usually take 2 pills Zyrtec (Walmart brand) a day, 1 in the morning, 1 in the evening – sometimes switching off days so I take 1 pill one day, then 2, then 1, and so on. During the summer I can get away with only 1 pill a day, but before ragweed season hits I have to switch back to what I should be doing. Right now though…I believe I got sick from my boyfriend, who brought it home from the Chesapeake Bay, and if I had started taking medicine as soon as he told me his mother was sick, I would’ve probably been fine, or not gotten as sick.

Oh well, nothing I can do about it now! Another lesson learned, right?

The next thing we plan on doing is building a wood shed! This will be done before winter sets in! My boyfriend’s reassured me, he just better not let me down!

We were thinking about using a metal frame carport type thing to stack wood under, or even a prebuilt shed, but when I started checking prices, we decided that getting the lumber and building it ourselves would be the best way to go. The carport frame, with a metal roof was well over a thousand dollars, and a prebuilt shed wasn’t that much cheaper. We’re thinking it will cost of a couple hundred dollars, lumber prices have come back down recently. It will be free standing. Where we plan on putting it there is a lot of gravel. It will have a slanted roof so snow and rain runs off, and will mostly be open sided, putting tarps up on two sides (south and west facing) in the winter to keep any snow off. The reason for the open concept is to allow air flow, and the tarps on the two sides is when we get snow and wind it comes from the south/west. The north/east facing sides should stay dry and clear of any snow.

Of course, there will be pictures!

Caught in an invisible web
~ Just look at all the bugs!
I didn’t realize all the bugs were there
until I cropped the photo, I wasn’t going to use this part
but of course I couldn’t discard it after noticing them

Here’s the original…

I just wasn’t paying attention…focusing mostly on the flowers

~ all photos taken over the weekend, with my cell phone

hope you have a great day!
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There is a blessing
In the storm.
Sit Tight.

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You are not going crazy
you are just waking up

take care
stay safe
much love

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  1. My second husband and I rented a wood splitter when we got our loads of firewood delivered for the winter. What a job, but it was fun. I was the stacker of the split wood and never got anywhere near using the splitter. Not my forte. 😊❤ Wonderful post.

    • Thank you! We rented a splitter back in February, I think? Maybe March. They are fun, and pretty easy to use I think. It should last a long, long time

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