You are where you need to be

October 26, 2021

Picture of the Day

July 12, 2021

Life is so much simpler when you stop explaining yourself and simply do what you love

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Nobody knows what it’s like to be the bad cat, to be the sad cat, behind the blinds


Three Reasons You Shouldn’t Open The Door

1. Doors usually lead to places.

2. Places are often populated with people.

3. People are, by and large, spectacularly awful.


Here’s what you can do with my dose Joe

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7 Comments on “You are where you need to be

  1. It just so happens that I made friends with a cat tonight. It’s been wandering around the yard the last couple weeks. I was getting something out of my truck and heard something behind me, it was the cat. I guess he/she figured I wasn’t bad after all. It let me pet it and now it runs up to me when I go outside… it’s funny… I’m a dog guy. I think I am a dog lol. But I make friends with cats very often.

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