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October 27, 2021

Better Than Yesterday

Image created October 22, 2021; with cell phone Photoshop

The strongest people are not
those who show strength in front of us
but win battles we know nothing about

~ unknown

… those three dots are the “balls” that they put on power lines to let low flying air craft know those lines are there, I didn’t notice them until now – and I’m not taking them out. At least not now…

Here’s the original…

The Potomac River; taken July 10, 2021

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“There is no greater disease than fear; and there is no greater threat than those who weaponize it against us.”

~ Gavin Nascimento



You have been mooned

Pass it on

“We have our task, and God knows it is a hard one – the salvage of a shipwrecked world.”

~ Lothrop Stoddard


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