reduce, reuse, recycle

October 27, 2021

my thoughts for today

junk removal, or should I say…
moving junk from one spot to another

I’ve been spending several hours over the last couple of days moving junk from one spot to another. This is to make room for a freezer chest we are getting ready to buy. We’ve got an upright, but it is jam packed at the moment.

You can’t see it, but the upright is behind the doors stacked up to the right in the photo above. There isn’t too much more to do…thank goodness! The white “platform” thing I am putting under the deck until later. The doors are being moved to the other side, to the left in the photo, and stacked against some shelving there.

Why do I have doors stacked? Most are doors I’ve taken off of closets. The two glass doors came off of an entertainment center in my son’s room. They needed to come off because the flat screen tv is too big to keep the doors on, and he needs to be able to get to his xbox games. Instead of getting rid of the doors, and then having to buy new ones later…they get stored. There’s a port-a-crib that’s at least as old as I am and two doors that came from the old farmhouse I grew up in. I think there’s some paintings of my grandmothers back there as well. Everything will get situated, and when I can finally start having yard sales again…they will, hopefully, be sold.

my old room – turned storage…temporarily

This is my old room, temporarily being used for storage. I have one of my dressers which has seasonal clothes in it. The clothes get switched out as the seasons change. I also have my pool stuff here, for the time being anyway. I used to store everything in the furnace room, but now that it’s no longer my bedroom it kinda makes sense. Instead of lugging everything halfway through the house. I just need to put something under the ladder to protect my [new] carpet! Anything will do…even a tarp. The trash bags go the landfill, hopefully come spring. We’ll be getting hold of a junk removal company to come take it all.

Oh, before I forget…the bare patch of concrete was left bare for a reason…the door leaks every once in a while. So, instead of ruining carpet and having to replace it I left it bare and just put down a throw or area rug.

I’ve been sort of sifting through things as I move them. My boyfriend started piling things up two years ago, without consideration as to what was what. Cardboard, plastic, recyclable stuff, all got put in the pile. Even wood – whether it was/is any good or not – it got put in the pile. I pulled a lot of recyclable stuff out, as well as wood that could be used for shelving, door knobs (I’m thinking artsy stuff), some door hinges (you never know), two CB units – I would love to hook one up, and some other odds and ends. I even took stuff out and threw it on one of the junk woodpiles we have. Stuff that will go back to the earth pretty easily.

My boyfriend’s even talking about doing a temporary fix on the old play house turned storage shed so we can move stuff and put fire wood in the mower shed. The mower will still be there, but everything else will be moved. But in order to do this, the walkway and steps need to be fixed…all the stuff on the bottom level moved upstairs then everything in the mower shed gets moved over to the other side. He says he’s going to put a temporary partition up and then we can stack wood in there. It won’t be as much as I’d like to have…but it’s better than nothing. Right?

I don’t know how long this will last, but I may or may not have any photos to share besides my cell phone photos. At least for a while…I have a few ready to go, but may not get uploaded this week. Maybe, maybe not…it all depends on how busy I get, the weather, my energy level and all that! You can always bet I will have something to share, just maybe not “that”! LOL I do have some drafts saved up, a couple days at the moment, so that helps, especially when it comes to posts like this.

I wanted to share more, but it will have to end here. The rest, is for another day!!

Hope you have a great day!
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July 10, 2021

Never waste your time trying to explain who you are
to people who are committed to misunderstanding who you are

~ unknown ~

Did you know

Did You Know?

The motto “In God We Trust” was not adopted by our Founding Fathers, but by Congress in 1956 in response to fears of “Godless” Communism.

Our original motto (E. Pluribus Unum) adopted in 1782, means, “Out Of One, Many), and reflected our heritage of diversity and tolerance.


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When you’re curious
you find lots of interesting
things to do

~ Walt Disney

take care
stay safe
much love

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