always be brave enough to do the right thing, even if others aren’t

October 29, 2021

Picture of the Week

squirrel in a pine tree
taken August 9, 2021
f-stop: f/5.6; exposure time: 1/60sec; ISO 400
focal length 300mm
CANON EOS Rebel xt
edited in PhotoShop
available at Picfair

“The way you become brave
is one terrifying step at a time.”

~ Bryant McGill

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When an Empath finally has had enough

Let’s see, I need lavender, sage, thistle, peppermint…
duct tape, rope, and a shovel


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“Don’t wait. The time will never be just right.”

~ Mark Twain


take care
stay safe
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37 Comments on “always be brave enough to do the right thing, even if others aren’t

      • Awesome! Has it been that long? 😂

        I just had the blog reinstated today. But honestly, I don’t know if I’m going to do anything with it. I go for a while and then crash and burn. Not sure it’s worth returning.

      • I was sick with a head/chest cold back in September…lasted 3 weeks. It’s still trying to rear its ugly head, keep taking my meds, vitamins and rest.

        You could keep it up, so you can keep in touch with people like me 😁 😅 there’s a few out there who haven’t posted recently, but keep up with other bloggers.

      • I survived covid. Don’t get me wrong, I was sick but I know what it’s like now…… here’s to natural immunity 🙌

        You sound like you missed me 🙄

      • lol I did, just a little bit 😉 I had covid back in 2019, before we knew it was here…unless this was one of the many variants? I think it was “just a cold”.

      • It’s ok if I’m your blog buddy… you can tell me. I don’t take things the wrong way because I don’t believe most everything I’m told 😂

        It was like having the flu with a pesky fever.

      • That’s just it…never had a fever or any of the typical flu side effects. It was the weirdest cold I’ve ever had though…started in the chest, then moved to the head…kept going back and forth until I finally kicked it.

        I’ve never been tested, won’t get tested if they stick that thing up my nose. The pcr tests aren’t trustworthy, and supposedly they’re going to stop using them come December.

      • Well… I ain’t scared of you. You seem to be clean and you play in the dirt. Can’t get any gooder than that.

      • I appreciate that. I still feel completely and utterly socially awkward.. so I try to comment as less as possible. I can’t help myself sometimes…

      • I love them…most of them anyway! Some are too weird for me though. I’ll have to see if I can save some of the others to my phone…

      • It took me a while…still don’t like to for the most part though. It’s really not about me, it’s about my world thoughts and stuff.

      • You’re very welcome! I’m still as intrigued by your writing as the first day I found you. You’re talented and creative. 👍

      • Donald duck? 😅 but really, I was in a fowl mood and was about ready to walk away for a bit – not quit, just take an extended break. Then you commented, and it gave me the umph to keep going. That’s the impression you give, at least for me.

      • Holly… I believe you know me fairly well by now. I have deleted 3-4 blogs and 5-6 poetry blogs because I felt unappreciated and not wanted. I have way too many 🤪 moments. And after I said I was gone, I emailed and had my blog reinstated last night…. 🤦‍♂️

        So with that said, I totally understand the feeling of not feeling supported and overlooked. I’m an encourager. I’m the one who tries to rally the troops and strengthen and encourage them. And I’m also the one who is the least strengthened and encouraged by those I try so hard to do for. I know how you feel. Hug! And I know I’m just 1 guy. A very insecure and socially awkward guy. And I talk a lot because you keep giving me attention lol… but I support you 100%.

        I also suck at DD impressions. But I’m good at bullwinkle and Napoleon Dynamite.

      • Thank you! I know I’ve got support, or I wouldn’t still be here. I just feel drained sometimes. Most of that comes from “outside” sources…which I need to do a better job of tuning out.
        With everything going on in the world…it can get scary and stressful. But all I, or anyone else, can do is the best we can.

        My dad was really good at Donald duck…

      • I gave up on the news and all that. Too much drives you crazy. The blog drives me crazy enough. I wish I felt more people cared.

      • I don’t know how or why I’ve became such a sensitive puss but I’m trying to get out of it. It sucks. And I can’t blame the people on here for avoiding me or thinking I’m crazy.

      • You feel things, as I do. Nothing wrong with that, just need to learn how to cope or deal with it.

        Here lately, there is no tv, music or radio on at my house…about 95% of the time it’s quiet, natural noises. I also take at least an hour every day for down time. However I get it…I need it. My boyfriend thinks that when I’m laying down I’m sleeping, but that’s not the case. I need time to get away from all the vibrations of the world. He needs almost constant “noise”. We drive each other crazy sometimes…
        I know with young ones around it may be hard to get quiet time, but it can be done.

      • Isn’t it lovely how opposites attract? Lol.

        I hardly ever listen to anything. I stay in my mind which helps and hurts.

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