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November 4, 2021

Throwback Thursday

this image was originally taken early 1970’s,
I know it’s not the best photo…

I took this photo from a slide, projected onto the wall. It’s the best I could get it to focus… I don’t remember the tree in the foreground being there, it must’ve been cut down before I was born. That area, from the tree, towards the bottom right then off camera to the right my parents had a garden. Just to the right of the tree is the “front cellar”, which is where the old coal furnace used to be. After the first winter, my parents disconnected it and used oil and a wood stove to heat the house. One other thing I want to point out is the front steps with the awning…when I was around two years old, my dad took those steps out and made it into a stoop. I have a photo of me helping my dad work on the stoop somewhere…maybe I’ll use it for a throwback someday! Oh, the siding was Asbestos! Underneath was the original German siding… I’m sure my parents worried about the asbestos siding, especially with two young girls running around, but it probably cost a fortune to have it removed! As pieces fell off, and they did, they got picked up and disposed of. I do remember both my parents yelling at us not to play with the debris…we didn’t know!

this image is the same spot, generally speaking
February 22, 2015

The leaning telephone pole, and the anchor one one the other side of the lane are the same, and the farmhouse would’ve been just beyond. How many people drive through where their old house used to be, to get to the new house? Not many, I’m sure…

hmmm…I guess I need to find another “in focus” photo…
taken August 8, 2017
taken October 2, 2015

this is now the wood stove room…there are at least 16 house plants in this photo!

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“Look around less,
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~ Abraham-Hicks


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