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December 6, 2021

It’s been a relatively quiet weekend, which is a good thing. My boyfriend went hunting with his buddy again over the weekend. He managed to bring home half a deer, which his friend shot. We had some for dinner tonight, it was delicious!!

yes, it’s 85 degrees in here!

I’m having a terrible time keeping the humidity closer to 50%. It’s still in the green, and the humidistat in the guest room, on the other end of the house, says there’s 60% humidity. When my son and I go shopping this week, I’m getting a couple more. Everything should be ok, just a precaution. Can’t be having it get too dry in here!
I have multiple containers in the wood stove room, with water in them. I had a jar of [cold] coal in a mason jar on a shelf beside the wood stove, drying out, and thought for a hot minute that it may have been the culprit. When I put the lid on and set it aside, to go downstairs in the pantry for later, the humidity came back up for a little bit, but then went right back down to around 43%. At the moment I have 7 containers with water in them placed throughout the wood stove room, all different sizes. I have house plants in every other room throughout the house, which helps with the humidity as well, and a 20-gallon fish tank in the living room. As long as the humidity is in the “good” or green range in the rooms between the wood stove and the guest room, I don’t really have much to worry about and don’t need to add more water.

It’s a never-ending struggle, it seems. In the summer, a struggle to keep the humidity down, in the winter, a struggle to keep the humidity up.

water with Holly, orange extract and cinnamon

Looks kind of nasty, I know, but it does put a slight Christmassy smell in the house! I refresh it a couple times throughout the day. Not sure how often I will replace the water, I just started with this dish on Saturday – I think. Anyway, over the weekend. I’m thinking every three days or so. It still smells good, so maybe tomorrow [Tuesday].

hibernating Morning Glory, wrapped around a birdseed plant

I’m going to see if I can’t wrap the flowering vine around the shepherd’s hook in the spring. I did pull up some fresh, green vine to wrap around it – the shepherd’s hook. The woodpeckers have finally found the feeder, and one of them loves to check out the pole and vine. Maybe some bugs will hide in the vine and the woodpecker will get it…as long as it doesn’t peck at the pole itself. Can’t have that happening!!

Hope you have a great day!

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I heard your prayer.
Now trust the timing.

~ TobyMac #speaklife


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