The meaning of the 12 Days of Christmas 10 & 11

December 10, 2021

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10 Lords A-leaping

10 Lords a leaping

represents: judges in charge of the law


  • The Twelve Days of Christmas carol was once a popular party game in the 1700-1800s where making a mistake in the lyrics meant you would have to give up a small token, sweet, or perhaps even a kiss!
  • first appeared in print in 1780
  • It wasn’t always ‘4 Calling Birds’…they show up as canaries, mockingbirds, colly birds(archaic term for black birds),
  • according to, the 12 Days of Christmas is the time it took for the three magi, or three wise men, to travel to Bethlehem for the Epiphany
I got 11 Pipers Piping! Which Of The "12 Days Of Christmas" Are You?

11 pipers piping

represents: the 11 disciples, minus Judas after the betrayal


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A Florida Christmas

A seagull in a palm tree
Two mouse ears
Three launching shuttles
Four snapping alligators
Five Golden Oranges
Six dolphins leaping
Seven flamingos flocking
Eight key lime pies baking
Nine manatees munching
Ten hurricanes blowing
Eleven tourists tanning
Twelve early birds dancing



“It says, “Dear Rudolph: Now that Christmas is over, we’d like you to be a contestant on Dancing With The Stars”




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