a never-ending battle

December 20, 2021

weekend thoughts

Humidity….or lack of it! It’s a never-ending battle in this house!!
My son and I finally went out and did some shopping the other day, and I got three humidistats. One to put in the living room (above photo), one in the dining room and one in my bedroom. The bedrooms and kitchen are fine…the living room is a little low. At 30%, it’s still in the green, but a little low for my liking. I’ve put dishes, vases, crockpots, mason jars everywhere! I did a load of laundry today, and when I hung them on the drying racks, the humidity jumped up to 40% for a little bit. As the clothes dried, the humidity dropped back down. I’ve got 13 containers in the living room with water, 9 in the woodstove room. I could only imagine what the humidity would be like if I didn’t have any house plants in the living room as well – 13, plus a 20-gallon fish tank. I guess I have all winter to figure it out, and I will! You can count on that!!

the mower/woodshed

Looks like we could put some livestock in there, doesn’t it?

I tied up the rubber (?) shield/chute on the mower deck, to make it easier to get in and out. Not sure what you call that black thing, or what exactly it’s made of…but I tied it up. Then my boyfriend brought some pallets over, cut some 2×4’s and made a temporary wall. I really hope I get a “real” woodshed next year, but we can also use the extra space in the mower shed if need be.

In the spring, it can be disassembled and put aside. The temporary wall, that is.

Oh, some details about the first photo…

The black and white photo is my mom’s graduation picture, the oval photos are my great grandparents – Lydia and Cecil Shaffer, on my dad’s side. Behind the humidistat is one of my graduation photos, and my son when he was 3 or 4 years old. The goose painting is one my grandmother did, and the vase is something I picked up at Goodwill. It does have water in it.

The dust is another thing I battle with! It’s inevitable with a woodstove.

When I got the humidistats in place and saw the needle dropping to 30, I made a comment to my son, basically stating no wonder our sinuses are acting up and our eyes hurt. 30% isn’t bad, but I’d prefer it around 40…50 if I could get it there. Like I said earlier, I have all winter to work on it. Then I need to work on dropping the humidity during the summer. Never-ending, I say!

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I’m not always sarcastic.

Just kidding. I’m a smart a$$. Sarcasm is my second language.


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fun fact #6335

There is a hide-and-seek World Championship that has taken place in an abandoned Italian ghost town every year since 2010.


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You’re absolutely right
Only God can judge you
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~ David Alan Campbell

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