Christmas weekend 2021

December 27, 2021

weekend thoughts

Hope everyone had a nice Christmas weekend!
It was quiet here. I had a headache all day Saturday and a nosebleed in the morning, I blamed it on my sinus’, but in all reality…it was probably from all the talking. And I’m not used to it. My boyfriend’s mother drove up Friday morning and went home Sunday. She talked from the time I got up in the morning until we went into the living room after dinner. On Friday, she got here about ten minutes after I woke up, so I didn’t really have any time to get fully awake and do what I do in the morning. The talking was constant!
Don’t get me wrong…I love her and all that, but there was no down time for me, no quiet time, time to think…which I really need. It took me all day Sunday to recuperate. Not sure why the nosebleed…the humidity’s up to 40% in the living room. And even at 30% and using saline nasal sprays, I haven’t had any nose bleeds. I have a thought that it could be because my boyfriend’s mother got her booster shot on Monday. The last time I was in close contact with “vaccinated” people was in September, and I got sick the next day. And was sick for a month. I started taking allergy medicine and other precautionary medicine’s, just in case, last week. I’m not going to get into whether or not these mRNA vaccines actually shed, but the thought is there. There are articles claiming or debunking either side. I know how I feel, and I’m leery…especially close contact or big groups of people. I am a sensitive person…

It was supposed to snow last night, maybe a dusting, and was hoping to be able to share some snow pics. We did get some sleet this morning, but it didn’t amount to anything. It is what it is.

Like I stated earlier, besides my boyfriend’s mother constant talking all weekend, it was quiet. It was a simple Christmas, full of gratitude and thankfulness.

I didn’t mean to get into vaccines and shedding, headaches and nosebleeds, but that’s how my Christmas weekend went and what is on my mind right now. At least I’m not sick or dealing with an adverse reaction to the vaccine.

hope you have a great day!
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Legal definition
Blacks Law Dictionary 11th ED

Mandate (16c) 4. Roman civil law.
A written command given by a principal to an agent; specifically, a commission or contract by which one person (the mandator) requests someone (the mandatory) to perform some service gratuitously, the commission becoming effective when the mandatory agrees.

So, it is only mandatory, if you agree to it. Mandates are not laws.

They’re tricking us with words.


~ it can be mandated to hell and back, but you have the right to refuse, as with anything else.

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“This procedure will
subtly reshape your nose.”

Pfizer will test three doses of COVID vaccine in kids under 5 after finding two shots in babies and toddlers doesn’t appear strong enough and fails to produce expected immunity

by…Dec 17, 2021, updated Dec 18 2021

Pfizer will test…. main page


take care
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The truth always comes out, no matter how hard anyone tries to stop it. Lies are just a temporary delay to the inevitable.


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