CDC says . . .

December 30, 2021

These are meant as a joke…

the CDC says if we all do the hokie pokie we can turn this thing around


I got these off of facebook, but they originally came from twitter…

The CDC says…

  • you can now wipe back to front
  • you can now run with scissors
  • you can now ask “what are we” after 5 dates
  • it’s now okay for healthcare workers to stick forks into electrical outlets
  • that the 5 second rule has been changed to 15 seconds. Pick that cookie up off the floor.
  • you can sleep over tonight but only if it’s ok with your mom
  • I am allowed to play in the trash can and it will be fine
  • you can now eat the Silica Gel packet if you’re feeling a little peckish

As you can see, people aren’t taking the CDC seriously, at least these people aren’t. Most of these I would not recommend.

The CDC recommends that you just be a silly goose.

Being a silly goose is okay!

But the CDC also says…

  • to avoid cruise ships regardless of vaccine status.
  • we’re all essential workers now ( 29, 2021)
  • new COVID-19 isolation rules were based on ‘what we thought people would be able to tolerate’ (yahoo news)
  • covid-19 patients only need to isolate for 5 days now
  • all adults should get booster shots
  • a third vaccine or booster for 12-15 year old’s could be days or weeks away.

And everyone rushed to get the vaccine so we could get back to normal? There is no going back to normal, I’m sorry to say. Life as we knew it is just a memory now. Even if the vaccines stop tomorrow, we will have to deal with the adverse effects, possible shedding for many, many years to come. Booster shots and immuno therapy will be “normal” from here on out. There is much, much more coming down the pike (one world gov, one world religion, one world currency), and if you’re not prepared, it will catch you off guard. A church that is combining Christianity (Catholic), Islam and Jewish churches/synagogues/mosques is already in the works and is supposed to be completed next year. (It will be called CHISLAM, I’m working on a separate post which I will be sharing soon. I call Christianity and Catholic different at this point…maybe I shouldn’t. I don’t know…There used to be a difference, maybe not anymore? Anyway, that is why I called myself a Bible Christian the other day…I believe in God, take my concerns to God and use the Bible as my guide. I guess I’ll be doing posts on the difference between different religions, not to shame anyone or anything, but just to point out differences between religions. The pope did say not too long ago that we all worship the same god, for many religions that just isn’t true. Even Satanists or Luciferians (?) call Lucifer god, so…Does that mean Lucifer is god? or God is Lucifer?)

Anyway, I didn’t mean to get into all that – it just started flowing. This was really meant to be a lighthearted post. Oh well! I, for one, don’t really give any of my attention to the CDC. Especially now. There may have been a time, before COVID that I halfheartedly listened to the CDC. Mostly, I followed instinct. It’s gotten me this far!!

Twitter Users Mock CDC's New Five-day Quarantine ...
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CDC says when you’ve reached the center of a Tootsie Pop,
your quarantine is over.

hope you have a good day!
thanks for stopping by!!

The new centers for disease control and prevention mask guidelines now say that fully vaccinated people should still wear face coverings in some circumstances and in some areas of the country. Cdc Memes Gifs Imgflip

CDC now recommends multiple hats to prevent sunburn

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TV: The CDC says to refrain from handshakes Jeffery Dahmer ...

TV: The CDC says to refrain from handshakes

Jeffrey Dahmer: *stops blender* Aww

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Twitter users mimic CDC's new five-day quarantine advisory ...

The CDC says just go out there and start licking people.

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take care
stay safe
much love

I don’t hate anyone for believing differently than I do, I just want to make that clear. We are to love one another, that is a fact.

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