those were yesterday’s feelings

January 5, 2022

better than yesterday

“Tomorrow hopes
that we have learned something
from yesterday.”

~ John Wayne

~ I tried to get rid of the spot near the center of the photo, but it needs to be done in photoshop…which I don’t have on this computer or my phone.

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If you’re going to see the new Matrix movie and you have to show your passport to get in, you missed the point of the first three and took the blue pill



The most accurate picture I’ve ever seen

I feel so dirty

I feel so clean

(The Savage Deplorables)

Plan F

The F off plan
I will not comply
I will not follow orders from kiddie fiddlers
I will not pretend there is a new variant of something that doesn’t exist
I am happy to live and let live until you push me too far
Now F off with your bs

~ sorry for the implied cuss words, I tried covering them but whatever I did didn’t work


take care
stay safe
much love

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How to play rock, paper, scissors
against a really big rock

Step One: Choose paper

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