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January 6, 2022

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“The good and the wise
lead quiet lives.”

~ Euripides

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“Well, we have a whole new year ahead of us. And wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all be a little more gentle with each other, a little more loving, have a little more empathy, and maybe next year at this time we’d like each other a little more…”

~ Judy Garland


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He guards the path of the just and protects those who are faithful to Him.

Proverbs 2:8

He keepeth the paths of judgment, and preserveth the way of his saints.


I don’t normally do this, but here are two links…both of which I think are important:

Donald J. Trump cancels Jan 6 2022 press conference: Clever Journeys

Bhakdi/Burkhardt pathology report results show 93% of people who died after being vaccinated were killed by the vaccine: Citizens Free Press

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