“With every falling flake, a unique spark of interest falls from heaven.” – Percy Miller

January 8, 2022

calm before the storm….

This is one of my bird feeding stations…there is a finch feeder and a woodpecker feeder, which had me confused for a second. I thought maybe there were some flakes flying around for a second. You know how snow and/or rain can take on weird shapes when swirling in front of the camera. No UFO’s in this photo, sorry!

It had just started snowing and barely sticking…

A little bit later, it’s starting to look like a winter wonderland…

The first photo in the set above was taken, looking down my lane. I put the camera closer to the ground, otherwise you wouldn’t have been able to see anything but blackness.

We only ended up getting about 4 inches of snow, which is fine.
It doesn’t really bother me either way…if we get two inches, six inches or two feet. Ever since we moved into this house, we got used to the fact that when it snowed, there was a chance we would be “stuck” for a few days – especially the more snow we got. Back when we had the 1 Ton Silverado, the chances were slim, but there were no guarantees that the truck would get us out. One year, it must’ve been back in 1994 or 1995, my dad managed to get the truck stuck in a snow drift. Our farmer neighbor came over to help, but even with his help we didn’t get out for a while.

The longest we’ve ever been stuck is three days, out for a day, then snowed back in for another three days. We got three feet of snow, snowed in for three days, got out for a day – long enough to get to the store and replenish supplies, then we got another storm with two feet on top of what we already had and were snowed in for another three days. Having a quarter mile long lane, you know when they’re calling for any measurable snow there’s a chance it could take a couple days to get out. My farmer neighbor usually plows us out.

The absolute prettiest is first thing in the morning, when everything’s the freshest. In my opinion, anyway.

These last photos were taken through a window. The first two were from my dining room window and the last one looking out the window in my woodstove room. I tried cropping it, but I didn’t like the way it turned out. The design(s) in the screen give it a certain something, I think. I love how the mourning dove is perched on the rope in the middle photo.

Then, earlier this evening my boyfriend and I were watching a movie when he asked if that was a helicopter he heard. After listening for a second, yeah. A helicopter landed on the interstate behind my house.

The bright, white light and red light that are bigger than the others are the lights from the helicopter. We put our boots on and walked through the snow to get a better look. The interstate was shut down both ways so the helicopter could land. Not sure what happened, but it most have been something major to call out the medical helicopter. We never even heard any sirens. Well, about an hour or so before we heard a bunch of sirens, but it wouldn’t have taken that long to call it out. Once they got the patient loaded on the helicopter and it took off, the interstate was opened again.

I hope the video plays for you…

As far as I can remember, this is only the second time a helicopter has landed behind my house. The first time was shortly after we moved in here…me, my dad and my sister hopped the fence to get a better look. There wasn’t as much growth back them either. There was another time when a helicopter landed in the field below our house…someone had gotten pulled over on the interstate and ran. They called out the search helicopter…they had the spotlight on, flying low, looking everywhere. When it landed, my dad walked down to see what was going on…the cop told him they had a runner, to go back home and lock the doors.

That’s about all I have for now, so until next time…

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The proverbial double bind is a form of control without coercion. In other words, it is using a manipulation tactic without looking like you are manipulating. It is being put in a damned if we do, damned if we don’t situation, and damned if you say anything about it.

~ Double bind (Miriam Webster dictionary)


I’m not afraid of monsters.
I’m afraid of the coffee maker breaking.


No one has the right to judge you, because no one really knows what you have been through.

They might have heard the stories, but they didn’t feel what you felt in your heart.


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