One World Religion

January 10, 2022

One World Religion

One World Religion Headquarters To Open 2022 | Believers ...
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The One World Religion of
opening in 2022

One World Religion Center to be built in 2022 (youtube)

  • being built in Abu Dhabi
  • is called the Abrahamic Family house
  • three buildings, one each for Jewish (synagogue), Catholic (church), and Muslim (mosque), with a meeting place in the middle
One World Religion - Pope Francis signs Historic Covenant ...
2019…remember this? I knew even back then something was amiss and is why I said recently that I am a “Bible Christian” a few days ago, not participating in any one religion. The day is coming where people will be leaving the so-called church and worshiping in solitude or in the mountains, caves, etc., like they did way back when.

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Revelation 17 speaks of a “great prostitute” (or “great harlot”) that is generally understood as a metaphor for a false religion that will exist during the tribulation period. Many have debated the identity of this religion, with some arguing the Roman Catholic Church, Islam, or another large religious movement (Jewish?) will be the end-times, one-world religion.” ( In the article by compelling truth dot com, it states that the false, or one world religion will be inclusive of all religions and will allow for a pluralistic view of God. This religion will eventually include the worship of the antichrist. It will include and encourage death and persecution of those who follow Jesus.

While it may not exist today, the one world religion is well on its way. The Bible states that this “religion won’t come about until during the tribulation when the antichrist is in power. “The growth in religious pluralism, interfaith dialogue that promotes the idea that all religions are equal, and the erroneous teachings that many ways lead to God or to heaven all exist today. These views certainly foreshadow what Scripture predicts will be more prevalent in the future when the world unites under one religion under the power of the Antichrist.” (

Robert Muller Quote: "We must move as quickly as possible ...

“We must move as quickly as possible to a one-world government, a one world religion, under a one world leader.”

~ Robert Muller

I think, at first, it will be a choice whether or not to join the “One World Religion”, and people will fall in line, just like they’re doing now with Covid. I am in no way telling you what or how to believe – I’m really just giving you information. It does sound good to be able to “coexist”, which we do in a way now. “You believe your way, I’ll believe my way.” But I have a feeling that at some point, and it’s probably not too far down the road, that you will have to choose. Either worship the way they tell you, or stay strong in your convictions and worship the way your conscience tells you to. Who you believe in…whatever your faith/religion is, stay strong in it! It won’t be easy, I can assure you that. None of this has been easy. Since before Covid, I have tried to stay strong in my convictions, teaching my son to do the same. I have had my days of doubt, and have had to go back and fully rely on God to get me through.

If it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.

Freemasonry and Satanism (facebook watch/satanism the hidden religion)

How this all plays out is up to us. Don’t fall for anything that sounds “not right”. There is so much going on and we are being attacked from all sides, mostly about covid/vaccines right now. “Do this and you’ll get your life back”, but that hasn’t exactly happened, has it? Sure, you can blame the unvaccinated…but it’s not the unvaccinated that are making the vaccinated sick. The unvaccinated aren’t getting sick, not in droves like you would think the would be. Something else is going to come down the pike/road that will freak everyone out – again – and people will fall right back in line. Maybe not, but probably. The One World Religion “church” is being built, and with time we will see. We are seeing a big religious awakening right now – I think, people flocking to the church. Normally, I would say it’s a good thing. What I’m scared of is, once in a church/religion people will fall for the trap “it’s for the greater good”. I know I did for a while… holidays (Thou shalt have no other gods before me), Sunday worship as opposed to the sabbath (Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy), going along to get along. I remember as a kid, asking my parents why we go to church on Sunday, and not Saturday, like the commandment says. Their response? It’s just the way it is…and I shut up, knowing they weren’t going to tolerate any more questions. False prophets is another “thing” I worry about…they’re walking among us and have been for a very, very long time. We have the right to worship – or not worship – the way we choose, it’s part of being a free person. But when things are forced on us – right or wrong – we start to lose that freedom and right to choose.

Over the next several weeks I will be sharing more. Might just be memes, or short little snippets here and there, but there will be more. When it comes to things like this, it can be hard to take it all in. I know this, I’ve been working on this for a while – since at least December 30, 2021. I’ve also had to come to terms with what I’ve been learning, seeing, so it has taken me time to get my thoughts in order… I am also working on the Satanic New World Order. God may have sent the hoax (Covid) or delusion (2 Thessalonians 2:11), but Satan/the devil is behind everything else. And he’s playing with people you wouldn’t think would be involved – unless your eyes are open to the wickedness that is going on.

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Hollywood witch promoting NWO agenda - One World Religion

“I am the way, the truth and the life..”

~ Jesus

“Jesus can’t be the only way!”

~ Oprah


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We are living in some dark, evil, wicked days. Pray for your children as never before. Satan is after this generation, big time.



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