and then there was the moon

January 12, 2022

My thoughts

Yes, that’s the moon. When I walked outside before bed last night, I noticed the moon, specifically the red around it. The photo was taken with my cell phone, and I did enhance it a little. But not much! It was setting, created around three a.m. Wednesday morning.

I’ve had a sinus headache most of the day…this happens to me when the weather changes drastically. It was bitter cold earlier this week, it has warmed up a bit today and Sunday into Monday it’s supposed to snow again. The temps will drop back down into the 20’s. They’re not saying anything about accumulation, we shall see what happens.

They say when you see a ring around the moon, it’s an indicator of bad weather coming. The red is caused by light refracting from moisture (ice?) in the atmosphere.

“Go slowly, my lovely moon, go slowly.”
~ Khaled Hosseini
The Kite Runner

Before I go, I wanted to share that Washington D.C. will be instituting a mandate that will require citizens have a mask, vaccine passport (12+) and valid I.D. (18+), to leave their house. This goes into effect Saturday, January 15. I have no desire to go to D.C… not anymore, and I’m glad I was able to take my son to the museums and memorials when he was younger. Going to D.C. today just won’t happen. My boyfriend and his work partner will have to evaluate things come spring, as a lot of their bigger jobs are in D.C. He is a roofer, working mostly with copper and metal roofs. (I’ve been told the copper and paint they work with is very hard to come by.) I guess people will comply. I highly doubt Maryland or Virginia will take these measures…they couldn’t enforce it. There’s too much open country, farmland. In the cities? Maybe. The county I live in has gone back to mask requirement in public spaces, although the health department’s statement said only if a 6-foot distance couldn’t be maintained. Everyone’s wearing them though. Until the requirement is lifted, my son and I will be staying home. So far vaccination passport is not required.

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Psychological warfare is being waged upon you, but most have no idea they are even on the battlefield



The Institute of Unfinished Research
has concluded that 9 out of 10 people

Why are you important?
Because you are a part of the Great Spirit. You are necessary for the full expression of God.


instant, at home, covid tests have deadly sodium Azide: bitchute, potentially dangerous carcinogen

What sodium azide is

  • Sodium azide is a rapidly acting, potentially deadly chemical that exists as an odorless white solid.
  • When it is mixed with water or an acid, sodium azide changes rapidly to a toxic gas with a pungent (sharp) odor. It also changes into a toxic gas (hydrazoic acid) when it comes in contact with solid metals (for example, when it is poured into a drainpipe containing lead or copper).
  • The odor of the gas may not be sharp enough, however, to give people sufficient warning of the danger.
  • CDC

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