beauty in the struggle

January 13, 2022

it’s the most wonderful time of the year

~ snow is melting just in time for another snow coming through!

sometimes firn
soft and mushy
thin floating ice or snow
resembles snow
is under the snow
where much snow is

a heavy fall of snow or rain
a light fall of snow or rain
granular snow
a process where snow is changed to Névé

~ Miriam Webster Dictionary

“I enjoy not less what may be called
the negative side of spring,
— those dark dank, dissolving days,
yellow sposh and mud and water everywhere,
— yet who can stay long indoors?”

~ John Burroughs, 
Birds and Poets, 1895

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Those who are asleep, focus on the puppets.
Those who are awake, focus on the ones pulling the strings.

The famous cartoon portraying Rockefeller controlling the government, originally published in The Verdict on January 22, 1900.

John D. Rockefeller - encyclopedia article - Citizendium
same one, in color



You are exhausted physically and spiritually because the pace of this system is for machines and not a magical divine human being. You are enough. Rest.

~ unknown


take care
stay safe
much love

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  1. Nice words of inspiration, exortation , reviver, encouragement,wisdom, humility, contented, Blessing and peace ..tourches my heart 💜…nice one love peace of God be with u

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