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January 14, 2022

my thoughts for today

Not doing a “picture of the week” today. Although, it would probably be easier…but it is what it is. I spent the day doing odds and ends, getting ready for the coming snow.

No, that’s not some weird snow thing that fell out of the sky…When I was filling up one of the bird feeders, I found this little puff of a thing, clogging up the dispenser. I believe it’s a dandelion seed pod. Maybe something else. It’s a seed pod, either way. After taking some photos, I stuck it in the woodpecker feeder.

While I was keeping the house warm and adding water pots/vases around the house, to help humidify, my boyfriend was splitting wood. Everything he’s brought home over the past week has been split – as of today – and now needs to be stacked. I did help a little, but I spent most of the time inside. This pile, hopefully, will be our starter for next winter. The little Frog Prince – or is it a Princess? – kept falling off the flowerpot it was sitting on, so I moved it, to one of my mason jars I have filled with water. Life Is Better On The Porch has a baby Spider Plant transplant in it.

New to my humidifying collection…a ceramic vase I made in high school. I didn’t think it would hold water, but I guess it does. So far, the plate and fabric are dry. I tend to put something underneath things like this, to protect against any leaks or spills. The photos in the background are of my mom – kind of a memorial center for her – her Navy group photo, graduation photo and holding me as a baby. The Navy photo is blurry, but my mom is in the second row from the bottom, second on in. Her Navy I.D. pin is glued to the photo frame.

Another “tool” for humidifying the living room. Sorry it’s blurry…the towel is to absorb any water that manages to escape the crock pot. With three new additions to manifold, I have moved the needle to around 38% humidity in the living room. Between 30% and 60% is good. Anything higher is too humid and the chance for mold is higher, and lower is too dry, with a higher chance of fire (especially with fire as main source of heat). I’d prefer the humidity closer to 50%, but the bedrooms are around 60%, the woodstove room is around 45% and the kitchen is about the same. If I up the humidity too much in the living room, the rest of the house will probably follow suit. I think that the low humidity may have been why I had a headache the last two days. Although I normally get headaches before the weather drastically changes, for me to get one that far in advance is unusual. [My headaches were Wednesday and Thursday, snowstorm on Sunday, in case you missed it.] Usually, my headaches hit a day or two before the weather change which would be today and tomorrow.

Well, that’s about all I have for now…

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Daily Mail

Wearing a facemask makes you more attractive to the opposite sex, study finds.

all I will say is, whatever floats your boat!


This contains an image of:

Fencing: the perfect COVID-19 Sport

  1. Masks
  2. Gloves
  3. If anybody gets closer than 6 feet to you, you stab them.


Was stuck in line, six feet deep at Publix (grocery store). So, after I coughed, I said, “This cough is getting worse since I got back from China.”



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