A planet named George…or maybe it was a moth?

January 19, 2022

a hump day photo

September 15, 2021

Fun Fact:
Uranus was originally named George


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Are you clairaudient?

  • you enjoy quiet time alone
  • you tend to talk to yourself
  • music has an affect on your mood
  • you hear messages within music/radio
  • too much noise is over stimulating
  • you hear answers/messages in your head
  • you think someone called your name but no one is around (or did)
  • you hear high pitched ringing in your ears at times

learning mind/clairaudience


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WTF fun fact #3176

On April 11, 1954…nothing happened.
No major events were recorded.
It was the most boring day in history
– until people noticed.
Then it became interesting for being so incredibly boring.
(onthisday.com has no entries recorded for this date…
but other somethings DID happen on that day in history – but what?)

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Never Forget

Bible reading was once forbidden by the Pope.
Any laity with a copy of the Bible was obligated to hand it over to the church to be burned. In 1536, William Tyndale would be burned at the stake – for publishing the Bible in vernacular. Love your Bible, it is baptized in blood!

The Catholic Church has the authority amredeemed.com
A time when the Bible was burned and banned by the Catholic church amredeemed.com


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