the tree is finally coming down

January 25, 2022

My boyfriend went out this afternoon and cut the top away from the main tree. It cracked during the ice 2014 ice storm (see photos below). I’m trying to remember when the top broke away from the main tree, I think it was 2016…

The whole property was a mess, and it took us some time to get back to this tree.
The above photos were then…the part we’re taking care of now was still attached to the main tree in the photos above. Over the years, with freezing and thawing, the branch finally broke, but not completely, and got stuck in trees that are alongside it. If the trees hadn’t been there, it wouldn’t be such a hassle to take care of and would have probably been in the wood stove by now. Since it was still attached to the tree, there was still life flowing to the broken part. This past summer, we noticed that there wasn’t that much green, so it is definitely time for it to come down. Before it gets any more dangerous.

Tomorrow I will be heading out with him and helping him pull it out so we can cut it up. It’s going to be cold, so I will be bundling up!

There are two trees that are of concern – one is a locust the other is an elm. The elm is the one that is closer. I’m hoping we can save it, but if not…it too will go in the wood stove.

We’re thinking we will wrap a chain around the “v” on the left side and pull it with the Tahoe. The locust may break at the same time, which will bring the tree down. If not, it will topple, with the heavy part on the ground. At that point, my boyfriend may be able to cut the locust (the one that is mostly holding the tree branch/top up). The way the branch is resting in the tree right now makes it dangerous to do anything.

The main thing we have to do is get it unlodged from the standing tree. Once that happens, working on it should be easy. So, tomorrow, I will be bundling up and heading outside!!

Here’s two photos of the trees that came down in the wind storm the other day…this is the first time I’ve walked out to the back of the property.

You can’t even see the fence!

Yes, there’s a fence back there! There are two trees that came down…one I believe is Maple, the other is black cherry, both of which we will be cutting and splitting for the wood stove…once we get the vine out of the way. We think the wind caught the vine that is wrapped up in the trees, one tree bringing the other tree down with it. This will be a chore for another day. Or two or three.

Mother Nature’s pruning…that’s what this is!

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This contains an image of: Nature Girl Soul

With every breath of nature’s depth, she was becoming more herself.

~ Angie Weiland-Crosby


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