life is like a bowl of popcorn

February 4, 2022

picture of the day

“Fresh popcorn is near impossible to resist,
second only to fresh doughnuts.”

~ Shannon Wiersbitzky, 
What Flowers Remember

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Sometimes others may not understand you, but it doesn’t mean that you are not on the right path… Trust your own intuition always.

~ April Pearless


Once In A While Vandalism Can Be Funny!


Solve for x

Consider this - Imgur

Some people think I’m unhappy, but I’m not. I just appreciate silence in a world that never stops talking.


New massive study proves lockdowns and mandates were unnecessary all along: Clever Journeys…but you and I knew this all along, right?

Scottsdale Arizona set to hold world’s largest satanic conference

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Proverbs 4:2 
For I give you good doctrine, forsake ye not my law.

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