a word of thanks to the truckers, farmers, everyone involved

February 5, 2022

To all the truckers who make the long haul, deliver what our families need, and keep the world moving…
Thank You!


These are not my words…

Just a quick note to express my most sincere gratitude. This is the first time in a while that I’ve felt the weight of defeat lighten up. I have refused to stay quiet, but I am one person and at times I feel like I’m screaming at a wall. Seeing all of you amazing people, working together and sacrificing so much for the sake of freedom… it energizes me and gives me so much hope!!! Please don’t give up!

Also, I wanted to share some information on what’s to come if we don’t continue to stand up against this tyranny. In Biden’s infrastructure bill, deep in there, is a bill that would require all vehicle makers to install kill switches and mandate every car that gets sold, has one installed in its programming by 2026! They want to have total control!! This may be the last chance that we have. We can’t lose this momentum!! Can you imagine if the kill switches were installed right now??? There would be no convoys. That is a very scary but very real scenario. There is so much more…

Lord I pray right now over this mission Lord God. Thank you for giving these drivers the strength, courage and integrity to stand up and fight for freedom. Lord, we know you are the only authority over us and I pray that you would put all these brave people in your veil of protection. Bless their families and their homes while they are serving our countries. Keep them safe from sabotage and bless every person that contributes to this cause in any form. I pray that this mission would not fall on deaf ears, I pray that the truth would prevail and leave our government with no choice but to uphold the constitution in every facet. Amen. God bless you all!

If you eat today, thank a farmer  If it's on our table, thank a trucker  If you eat in peace, thank a veteran

If you eat today
thank a farmer
If it’s on your table
thank a trucker
If you eat in peace
thank a veteran

Hope you have a great day!
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You are being
conditioned to view your freedom as selfish



If you think 6 more weeks of winter is bad,
just think about 36 more months of Biden


This is for the ones that see through the deception and lies. That actively resist tyranny and live life which is led by their own intuition and heart. They are owned by no one.

To the brave women and men who courageously risk their reputation and relationships to stand up for what they believe in. Although they may be courageous, they are also selfless, intuitive, and conscious. They care. They love. They fight. Not only for their freedom, but for everyone’s freedom.

To the rebels of the world…



take care
stay safe
much love

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