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February 8, 2022

what a mess . . .

My boyfriend was out back getting wood to bring up to the house yesterday and left the truck there overnight. When he drove back, to stack the wood in the mower shed, he couldn’t make it up the hill. He ended up having to go to the left of the muddy tracks. Even in 4 Wheel drive Hi, he couldn’t make it up the little hill. The ground is saturated…although not as bad as it was yesterday. He wanted the snow and ice to melt. This is what happens! It doesn’t help much that we got rain over the weekend either.

Oh well. Over time, the tracks won’t be so bad. I might have to dig a trench and fill it with rock…off to the right, at the bottom of the hill running behind the dogwood tree/garden…to help the water drain off more. I’ll have to think about that though…not sure if it will help or not.

News from ottowa convoy: Facebook video…I really wanted to share this before it gets deleted. There are some f-bombs, but what can you expect. They’re facing a great enemy!

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Here’s a rare photo of the first dodge ram


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