as long as there’s a fire…let it snow!

February 12, 2022

it’s the most wonderful time of the year

“Snow harder! Snow more!
Snow blizzards galore!
I can’t get enough
Of the fluffy white stuff!
Snow! Snow! Snow!
Snow a ton! Snow a heap!
Snow ten feet deep!
I wouldn’t cry
If it snowed til July.
Snow! Snow! Snow!”

~ Paul Kortepeter,
The Holly Pond Hill Christmas Treasury

…just a poem I found that I liked. As much as I like the quiet and rest of winter, I am ready for spring.

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the smarter you become about narcissistic abuse, the crazier the narcissist will say you are



Impress her with something expensive for Valentine’s

They didn’t expect so many warrior spirits. They didn’t expect us to stand together. They didn’t expect us to walk away from our careers, to leave our shoes behind. They didn’t expect us to boycott our old ways of living. They didn’t think we would give up our social activities. They didn’t expect us to do without restaurants, sports or concerts. They didn’t expect us to find new and better things to do. They didn’t expect the free thinkers to be so resilient. They didn’t expect our souls to be so filled with passion and strength. They didn’t expect our intuition to be so tuned in. They didn’t expect the fire within us to put all of hell to shame.


Canada issues state of emergency (video)

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