springlike weather to snow

February 13, 2022

guess what?

yep, it’s snowing again! We’re only supposed to get an inch or two, but my email said, “locally we could get up to 4 inches”, whatever that means!! It only started snowing less than an hour ago and the ground is already covered. I tried taking a landscape, but with the flash, nothing showed up except falling snow. So, tomorrow I will go out and get some more snow pics. I really do like the nighttime photos of the snow on plants and stuff.

Anyway, my boyfriend were out this afternoon, working on the trees and vine that came down in the wind/snowstorm we had a few weeks ago.

I’ll include a group photo of the progress at the end…
We knew it was going to snow tonight, that’s why we were out…trying to get out and do what we can when we can.

Actually, just in the two photos above you can see how much we did. The first one was taken when I first joined my boyfriend. The vine is the worst part. The tree just off center is a mulberry, I used to climb as a child. Well, me, my sister and the two children who lived here when this house was built. Anyway, that whole area looks much better now than it did before. Eventually, all the tire tracks will settle – as long as my boyfriend doesn’t keep tearing it up with the truck. The ground is drying up – slowly!

What a difference a few days of work makes!!

There will be more photos, as we get more done…

It is nice to be able to open the doors and allow some fresh air in…the woodstove is awesome in that regard! It was 52 degrees (11.11C) outside, but 80 inside – even with the doors open. Even as I write this, I have the front door slightly ajar. It can get pretty warm in here. On days like today, when it gets “warm” I still try and keep a small fire going, so I don’t have to restart it an hour or so later. Just open a door or two, maybe the kitchen window an inch or two depending on how hot it gets. Oh, my doors do have storm windows/coverings on them. The kitchen window – none of my windows – have storm windows. So the doors only allow a little air to flow through, but my windows would allow a lot more…a quick cool down, if you know what I mean.

Just thought I’d add one more snow pic before I go that I just took. The snow’s coming down pretty good, maybe already close to an inch. Can’t even see my footprints from earlier. So in a matter of hours we went from 56 degrees (13.3C) to 38 (3.3C) in a matter of a few hours. Oh, I started the day out in a sweatshirt, started overheating so I took it off, now I have to put on a winter coat!

That was my day! And now I’m ready for bed, so I hope wherever you are it’s a good one!

Thanks for stopping by!!

Hey, Dr. Fauci…

If science was never questioned, you’d still be drinking cocaine, giving kids cough syrup with heroin, spraying people with DDT, and smoking the cigarette brand your doctor recommended.



I want to put a teenager in this room
and tell them “At half past find the game on AM
and turn on channel 27. Call me when you’re done.”
Then watch and laugh

This contains an image of:

Stay the course.
Keep believing.
You may be tired,
discouraged and frustrated,
but don’t give up on your future.
Our God is faithful.


take care
stay safe
much love

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