not so long ago, no, not even then

February 16, 2022

better than yesterday

tə-môr′ō, -mŏr′ō

The day following today.
The future.
The morrow; the day after the present day.


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Stop taking tests and live your life. If you’re sick, stay home. If you feel fine, go about your business.
This has been the system that worked for all of human history until the last two years. Time to go back to it.


This contains an image of: CAN 'T BELIEVE THEY TOOK ELIMER WEE WHAT'S NEXT, WOODY'S PECKER? - America’s best pics and videos

Can’t believe they took Elmer Fudd’s gun…
what’s next, Woody’s Pecker?

When the road looks rough ahead, remember the ‘Man Upstairs’, and the word H-O-P-E. Hang onto both and ‘tough it out.’

~ John Wayne


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