a false prophet will always tell you what you want to hear

February 25, 2022

cell phone photo of the week

February 24, 2022

When we expose false teachers
we are not attacking or bashing a brother or sister in Christ.
We are revealing that there is a wolf in our midst
an Angel of Light at work
and a Hireling on the job
That person is not a brother or sister in Christ
Wolves and sheep are not related.

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It’s not our job to “fix” people…
it is our job to love people.


if men named eye shadow…

~ purple ~ a weird blue ~ orange ~ steak
~ not a color ~ milk ~ beer ~ pink
~ pork ~ chocolate ~ skin ~ driveway
~ like grass ~ 5w 30 ~ crap ~ black


Starting February 27 park all trucks until March 4
Canada and USA
please share

Trucker Strike


take care
stay safe
much love

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