no force can stop what has been ordained

February 26, 2022

it’s the most wonderful time of the year

All the forces of darkness
cannot stop what God has ordained

Isaiah 14: 27

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Imagine if you will, a world where memes are fact checked but ballots are not…



Whoever is holding Mother Nature’s beer
while she does all for seasons in 24 hours…
pour it out! She’s already drunk!!

If you think they are kneeling in protest, they are not. They are in fact, kneeling to a deity. Now many who blindly follow their agenda have no clue which god it is, nut one thing is certain. That diety is not one a true druid Cristian would engage with. A nine minute genuflect is what is commanded of them.


Genuflect was mainly based on the idea on what would potentially happen if the certain members of royal families and technocrats got the idea to engage in Satanic sex magic and other occult recipes to make oneself a god by bringing the other gods down from heaven into human bodies, sacrificing them, and then using their remains to form a new universe through alchemical processes. This process also includes the ritual alchemical death of the Sun by the hands of the Devil, and its rejuvenation as the newborn Sun heralded by a seven-pointed star in the sky—hence the Age of the Star. In The Secret Rituals of the Men In Black (pp. 221-224) by Allen Greenfield, he writes how magicians like John Dee and Aleister Crowley encountered the Sun Lady through their scrying and invocations!” (genuflect | the aeon eye) If you so choose to click on the link, be prepared for deity talk, scientology/occults, prophecy…I find it very interesting myself, mind opening if you will, and I think it plays into what is going on spiritually today. The type is rather small and it is a long read… I know roman Catholicism uses “genuflecting” as part of their rituals. I’m not going into yays or nays…but if you are Catholic, think about WHY you do it. Is it safe? Is the reason right? (I don’t think so, but that’s not my decision to make.) Remember, God doesn’t want us worshiping anyone or thing besides Him. At the moment, I can’t find anything else on genuflecting. Not anything that pertains to worship of a deity anyway…

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