I pledge allegiance to the kingdom of God

February 27, 2022

“I pledge my allegiance to the Kingdom of God.
I break all other agreements or vows to any other.
I’m in this world but not of it. I’m an ambassador of Christ.
I will follow Christ and His commandments.
I will eat from His table and no other.
Faith, hope, and love will be my anchor.
Every precept in the Book of life will I follow.
I will pursue justice for the weak.
I will strive to live holy and pure.

The Holy Spirit is my guide, my friend, my comforter.
I will follow the truth. Then will mercy and goodness follow me, I receive the light.
I will carry the light. The light will keep my eyes single.
This is my daily bread. This is my vow!
I receive a kingdom that cannot be shaken.
I stand in covenant to Jesus Christ:
My Lord, my savior, and my deliverer.
I receive His precious blood.
I take my vow as a vow unto God.
I cast out fear or anything that exalts itself above God’s Word.
With this, nothing will separate me from my creator, the true living God.
He is above every throne. I will bow only to Yahweh.
I pledge to His banner. His banner over me is love.
And to Him, I pledge my allegiance.”
By Shane W Roessiger

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Isaiah 46: 3-4
“Hearken unto me, O house of Jacob, and all the remnant of the house of Israel, which are borne by me from the belly, which are carried from the womb:”

Seek ye first the kingdom of God above all else

Matthew 6: 33


Don’t get me wrong…I love my country, I love my flag, but God comes first and the time is coming that we will need to declare it. I have been quiet on Ukraine and Russia for a reason. Don’t forget, we are dealing with evil people, a corrupt government(s), money laundering, sex/human/child trafficking, gun running, uranium…you name it. It is my understanding that Russia doesn’t have anything to do with the Rothchild’s, WEF…don’t forget who we’re dealing with. Yes, Russia is communist…but our own government, as well as others, have been infiltrated by very evil people. They’re not fighting Russia because they’re communist and they’re attacking a “sovereign country”, they’re fighting Russia because he dares stand up to the Rothchild’s, the Illuminati, Free Mason’s, the WEC, FaceBook, the New World Order, the Cabal… you name it. Russia stands in the way, of the Lucifarian/evil take over. And what do they have to do with anything…think New World Order, think One World gov/religion/money. I hope you have been paying attention. Do not let your guard down…most of the media is lying, they’re paid to carry the narrative or they’re blinded to the truth. Or both. Also, remember what is around the corner…mid-term elections (US), dropping the mask mandates/restrictions (why?), the trucker convoy, inflation, food shortages…remember how I stated that it felt like a calm before the storm (at least I felt like it), this just may be the storm. At the least, very trying times…but I think it’s much more than that. Much, much more…

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I’m on team Jesus
I’m not religious

I’m a Christian
Imperfect and Unworthy

Saved by grace
Seeking after God



They can mandate
whatever they want
the answer is still NO.

As I walk through the valley of [the] shadow of death, I will fear no evil for you my God are with me.

Psalm 23: 4


take care
stay safe
much love

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