ordinary life

March 6, 2022

here’s (not) looking at you

As soon as we free ourselves
from the mirage of hurrying time
we are alive again
as in childhood
to the ecstasies of ordinary life.

~ Alan Watts

…I am feeling much better today, not 100%, but better! By tomorrow, I should be back to normal. What started out as a sinus headache turned into a migraine, with light and sound sensitivity, nausea, achiness. It wasn’t fun, and the only way to get through it was to put a fleece blanket over my head with only a little cubby hole for fresh air. I actually slept most of the afternoon that way.
These headaches/migraines hit me every once in a while, but it’s been a while since one hit me so hard. Usually, it has to do with change in barometric pressure and then, it’s usually only an annoying, nagging pressure in my head. A couple times a year, it hits me this bad – once in the spring and then again in the fall. I guess this was my spring headache…

On a side note, the trucker convoy came by my house this morning, on its way to D.C. I have pictures and video, which I will be sharing soon.

hope you have a great day!
thanks for stopping by!!

Did you know?

When you are born, your parents register you with the government AS A CORPORATION by receiving and signing a birth certificate. In a few years, your CORPORATION will receive a taxpayer ID# called a social security number. This is so you can be used as a COLLATERAL for the government to acquire debt. That’s right, YOU and your labor, time and energy is what backs up the NATIONAL debt. You are a stock.



When you ask me how I’m doing,
and I say, “I’m functioning”,
this is what I mean.

I don’t really have a plan. I rely on caffeine and weirdness to get me through the day.


take care
stay safe
much love

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