mercy sakes alive, looks like we got us a convoy…

March 7, 2022

Sunday March 6 convoy

When we first heard that the convoy was coming by, like “right now”, we walked out to the fence…but we couldn’t see them very well, so we decided to move down to the bridge below my house.

We weren’t expecting that many people. We were barely able to find a safe place to park. You need to remember, we live in the country…there is no “shoulder” to speak of, and there are blind spots which could make parking dangerous. But no one got hurt, although some people driving by had no regard for the people standing there.

parking on a side street

We were standing on the edge of the bridge…couldn’t go anywhere else…unless we wanted to stand behind some signs.

heading towards Washington D.C.

This is on I-70, heading east towards Washington D.C. the exit for 270 is just a few miles down the road. I live about an hour from D.C and/or Baltimore, which is kind of scary considering everything that is going on. But, I hope, I live far enough away…could always move, but I don’t see that happening. Not yet anyway.

Doesn’t look like a lot of people, but I can and will assure you there were more…I just didn’t photograph them. I’m not much on photographing people, never have been.


The convoy went by again today, and is going to keep doing so for at least the rest of the week. I will post more throughout the week.

breaker 1-9

this here’s the Rubber Duck
I’m about to put the hammer down

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