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March 10, 2022

2022 Trucker Convoy to DC

March 10 2022

Tomorrow I will be hanging the flag upside down…it’s a sign of distress. I didn’t even think about it until I saw someone else carrying their flag upside down earlier today. The video below is a little over 9 minutes long. Last night and this morning I managed to get a bunch of photos off my phone! I’ll have to do the same thing again tonight and tomorrow morning.

Sorry it starts off off kilter…I didn’t realize it for a few seconds. Ted Cruz, the Senator from Texas, was in the lead truck, and I missed him waving to us. My boyfriend got it though, so sometime soon I will download it to my computer and share with you.

The convoy is staying at the Hagerstown Speedway (racetrack), free of charge, and driving to D.C. every day. They’re not releasing much info beforehand to the public, for safety reasons. They don’t want the convoy to be highjacked. This morning, when they first started out on 70 some trucker got in front of everyone and tried to cause trouble…slowing down then speeding up, slowing down then speeding up. The police were called.

There was an accident…

Actually, I don’t think it was an accident. The guys slide on camper collapsed. It looks like the wood siding was rotten and just gave way. They managed to get the camper and most of the debris off the road by the time we left. With all the food and other stuff, I think he was using the camper for storage and was probably sleeping somewhere else. The worst part is he had two German Shepherds with him. They’re safe as far as I know… It’s a good thing my boyfriend was with me, otherwise I probably would’ve found my way down there and offered to take the dogs home until he got things situated. The tow truck had just pulled up when my boyfriend and I decided to leave.

(not my image)

Trucker convoy exits 270S onto 495 to lap around the beltway/D.C.

With the snow and yucky weather on Saturday, it’s highly unlikely that they will roll. But we will see.



Ted Cruz spoke at the rally before heading out. This is part of what he said…

“What the men and women want here is for the government to leave you the hell alone, and that is the most American sentiment you could imagine,” he said. “It is your life, it is your health care, it is your speech and it is your freedom.” You can read more here (yahoo! sports)

Mainstream media is NOT covering the event, except for when something “bad” happens, like the camper collapse today. It didn’t take long for someone from the “press” to show up. Other than that, there is nothing but crickets. I think RSBN is covering it, but I’m not sure. There are organizations, but you need to look and look to see how that particular media station is covering it. The convoy is allowed to stay at the speedway until March 26, which is when the track officially opens. Hopefully, issues will be resolved by then, if not…they’ll find somewhere else. I’m sure.

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~ my arms hurt from waving so much and I’m tired, but I will be out there every day the truckers roll in support! We’re out, on the bridge for about an hour, give or take…

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