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March 11 2022

March 11, 2022

Today, the truckers decided to let the “people” go first, meaning the cars and small trucks, then the campers, and the trucks bringing up the rear.

The video below is over 9 minutes long. There are also a couple shorter videos at the end.

It has been a rough day, for me…the videos take up a lot of space on my phone, which means I don’t get as many photos/videos as I would like, but I probably get plenty! The long video took up a lot of space, and even though I have uploaded it to my computer – as well as everything else I did today – and deleted all the photos from the cell phone camera and from Google photos, my phone is still saying I’m low on space. I will not complain though…the truckers and everyone else driving to D.C. and back are fighting for us. They leave Hagerstown around 10 am, circle D.C. once or twice then head back. As I’m writing this at 530pm on Friday, there are truckers still going by my house. Which means they have at least another half hour or forty-five minutes to go, depending on traffic! I highly doubt they will roll tomorrow with the snowstorm coming through, and maybe not even on Sunday, depending on how much snow we actually get. Hagerstown is further west and more in the mountains…

I didn’t get as much of the truckers today, since they were bringing up the rear.

I have to tell you, I have the utmost respect for truckers. They deal with a lot while on the road! Rude drivers are the worst, I think. I always try and give them plenty of space. I get it from my parents, I think.

I did get to listen to the rally they had this morning before they hit the road. They didn’t mention the camper incident, but there was a truck-on-truck accident I believe on 270. No injuries. They talked a lot about safety, more and more senators are starting to come on board. The spokesperson also mentioned Jericho, which I found interesting. In Joshua 6 in the Bible, it states that the Israelites marched around the walls of Jericho once a day for six days, then seven times on the seventh day, blowing their horns and the walls fell. The point of the story, I think, was patience. Every day, the convoy is getting closer and closer to meeting their objectives!

I’m sure I will post an update on the truckers over the weekend, so until then…

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oh, if you want to listen to anything live on YouTube you can go to sasnak (Kansas backwards) or Peoples Convoy Dc 2022 or something like that. My boyfriend said today he was listening to a variety of different truckers live on YouTube…I’m sure if you type in Peoples Convoy DC 2022 you’ll get some options, if you want to!

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