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March 14, 2022


March 14 2022

~ I will be posting the date of the convoy when I share it…which means I will be going back and dating the convoys date in my past posts…at first, I didn’t have time to post it the same day. The first day, I didn’t even know we were going to go down to the bridge to cheer them on until it happened.

video below is just over 6 minutes long…

I lost a few minutes of the convoy…my phone ran out of space, but I did manage to get most of it

It was/is my understanding that the convoy had permission to go on 395 to go around the Pentagon, the Washington Monument and so forth, but when they arrived at the exit it was blocked. ALL the exits were blocked, so they couldn’t get off…no one could get off! 13 of them got sidetracked and are heading back up 270 as I type this. They were stating or calling themselves the Fallen 13, for the 13 from Afghanistan earlier. Everyone else is still stuck on 495 as far as I know.

~ I love the way the chain link fence framed the photo on the right (above) and the photo below. I’m going to have to get them into PhotoShop and take out the corners that aren’t really necessary.

They didn’t convoy over the weekend…Saturday was because of snow and Sunday a man who is running for senate in Pennsylvania came down to talk to them. So they didn’t run. I don’t blame them…it was freezing Friday night and Saturday and DC traffic sucks in the snow. It sucks all the time, but snow just makes it that much worse. There’s an on going joke in the area that DC drivers get their drivers licenses from a Cracker Jack box.

that shadow is cool, I think…My shadow is the one just off the road, it looks like I am holding the flag, but I am not! The other person looks like he’s got a flag coming from his head.

here’s the live link to sasnak’s live stream… I’ll be posting it with every post from now on. He talks and streams from the morning, during the convoy, then throughout the evening.

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I have to tell you, I am having a terrible time posting lately. Someone or something is trying to block me from posting. So, if you pray please pray that anything bad is kept from blocking me. Pray for the truckers that they stay safe and anything bad is diverted away from them!

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