March 15, 2022

~ no photos today, just a video that is a little over 9 minutes long…

It was a rather short/small convoy today. Apparently, some had to go home, but they will be back. We only stood on the bridge for about a half hour. We may have missed some stragglers…


The convoy left Hagerstown at 10 am this morning. They reached the bridge a few minutes after we got there, barely having time to put the flags up. We also had the bridge to ourselves. Which is fine…people have to work, and I get that.

They went back down 395 again today…once again, the police had every exit off of 395 blocked. The convoy, I believe, was a little more prepared for it. With the roadblocks they were forced to go onto the BW Parkway (Baltimore/Washington Parkway) which trucks are not allowed on. But there is nothing they could do about it. They were forced to go that way. They actually did the loop twice, some may have done it three times, but the guy SASNAK was riding with today didn’t do the third lap. The fact that the mayor, and possibly even Pelosi, is blocking the ramps into DC means that they are scared, and the truckers are doing something right.

I missed the meeting this morning before they left, I slept in, but my boyfriend told me that the senators the truckers are meeting with in DC look scared. There is a group of truckers, I don’t know how many, that meet at the capitol every morning, while the convoy laps around DC. Anyway, the Democrats won’t meet with them, and most of the Republicans have this scared look on their faces.

The media is trying so hard to spin this, trying to make the convoy look bad. Which is why I decided to share SASNAK‘s live YouTube feed. So you can see up front that they’re not doing anything wrong. Maybe making a little noise and inconveniencing a few people, but that is not illegal. When they were stuck in traffic on 395 one woman rolled her window asked what was going on, that they were blocking ramps so the convoy couldn’t get through or that there was even a convoy in town. That’s how clueless most people are.

The link to SASNAK’s youtube is from this morning!


prevents this


It really is about so much more than having a CB unit, but it definitely helps. It’s about respect…respect for each other, as human beings. It’s not just about “me”, but also how we treat each other. Is it worth being rude and disrespectful…? When you could end up in a pile up like in the photo. Take a little time, have a little bit of patience and respect and we will all get where we are going. There are so many things that affect how things go, in life and on the road. Of course, you can do “everything right” and still end up in trouble, at that point, it’s also about how we treat the situation. We can be rude, impatient, disrespectful…but where does that get you? Nowhere!

As far as I know, the convoy is running again tomorrow…

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~ before I go, I wanted to let you know that today is my mom’s birthday…she would be 78 years old today, if she were still walking on this earth. Thursday, the 17th, marks 5 years since my dad passed away. So, today and the next couple of days are a little harder, a little more melancholy, than normal.

It was not my choice to live without you…so I choose to live and to honor you…
I am still standing!

~ of course we know that parents die – at lest that’s the way it’s supposed to be, it’s the thought for me…I’m still standing!


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