just another day in March

March 16, 2022

early spring?

sasnak…link. If it doesn’t work, go to his page and find his most recent video…sasnak did cut his live feed off because his phone’s getting hot so I found trucker g on youtube. It looks like right at this moment – like right now – they are being blocked/stopped on 495. If you want to know what’s going on up to the minute, please click on trucker g. Of course, five minutes from now, or ten minutes, or whatever the situation will change.

…what I share in the meat of this was correct and up to date as I was typing, but as you know, when trying to share anything live….situations change very quickly!

these are my dwarf daffodils,
which I didn’t know I had till a couple years ago
when I transplanted them

Could we be having an early spring? Honestly, I think it’s right on time…spring doesn’t officially start until March 20 this year. So, just a few days to go!! YAY!

We didn’t go down to the bridge today, my boyfriend had some running to do today…I could’ve gone by myself, but he probably wouldn’t have been too happy with me. So, instead, I worked in my gardens a little bit. At this point, just cutting back all the dead stuff from last year.

While doing this, I accidentally pulled a toad out of his hidey hole…

He doesn’t look too happy with me, but all is good. I stuck him back in his hidey hole and covered him with some debris. AFTER I finished raking the garden and taking a couple of pics.

The only flowers I have that are blooming or starting to bloom are the daffodils. At least, I haven’t noticed any. Not even any dandelions…yet, anyway.

But just because we didn’t go down to the bridge, doesn’t mean I didn’t pay any attention to what’s going on. Today, the convoy split up into four different groups and did different things. The cars did one thing, the campers did something else, the trucks did their thing and a group sasnak is calling “the special forces” did something else. I have no idea what anyone did besides the truckers. They will be having a meeting tonight with updates. I will try and post a link to that, but no promises. Sasnak or someone else does live stream the morning and evening meetings.

What I do know is that traffic on 395 was messed up! Even worse than yesterday (Tuesday). The trucks were completely stopped at one point, with cop cars everywhere with people walking around on the road. And a lot of honking going on. They did end up with a police escort…it is 5:17pm as I’m writing this and they are still on 495. I would love to do a ride along, but again, my boyfriend wouldn’t be too happy. Once they have the meeting tonight, whenever they get back, there will be more details.

Once I know more, or another video is put up, I will try to share…

a baby nest I found today while cleaning up

Just a baby nest, probably was abandoned as I found it on the ground, and it doesn’t look complete or finished. It did get blown out of a tree, that much I do know.

That’s all for now, so until next time…

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I want to live in a world without “biolabs” and “pedo islands”

me when someone says Biden is working to make us safe


This is the President of Ukraine and Ukrainian Military


take care
stay safe
much love

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  1. Beautifully written ! Flower,frog, bird all you got from your garden! Well shared 👍👌😊💕

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